Moral Rejection

Lets clear up a few things.

ZERO tolerance

If it didn't take a signed order to start implementing this policy, why is a signed order necessary to stop implementing it?

How to get concentration camps in America in three easy steps!

1. Build concentration camps, but separate children from their families.

Don't Use Children

There's an element to this that people really need to get.

This past Saturday I was a guest out at Rocking Horse Studio for a private listening of Anna Madsen’s new record “Whisper.” I was extremely excited to hear the album and may have shown up a few minutes early because I was all antsy with anticipation. I was greeted outside by Anna and had a nice chat about the cold weather, Pat Gochez’s hair and her recent show in Concord. We made our way into the studio and I was warmly greeted by the talented Brian Coombes. Brian has a beautiful studio, it is like an art piece of music perfection. Each wall is stacked with different keyboards, instruments and there are pianos all over the place. We got caught up with what has happened in our lives since we had seen each other last and then get down to business… the music.

Rant on Mic Polarity

Going on a bit of a rant here..

2016 was a monumental year for music with plenty of great albums. In hip-hop, Kanye West and Drake dominated, while Sia, Beyonce, and Rihanna held it down in the pop genre. The best rock albums of 2016 belonged to Metallica, Radiohead, and the late-great David Bowie. However, it is easy for great albums to be lost in the shuffle when other great albums are getting all the publicity. These are some albums from 2016 that didn't get as much attention as they deserved, but are totally worth your time.

Go Vote

This will be my last call for action. Tomorrow, please go vote. As a parent of two beautiful little girls, I know who I must vote for. The president is a role model for the two most important people in my life. I can not and will not be apart of electing someone who does not have simple manors.

I believe in helping the less fortunate. I believe in helping everyone attain happiness in their life. I believe in an America that is open and free. I beleive in equal rights for all regardless of who you love, the color of your skin or what language you speak. I believe freedom is hard and sometimes bad things happen but freedom is not worth giving up to shelter ourselves. I believe everyone has a right to do whatever they want that makes them happy as long as it doesn't infringe on others ability to pursue their own happiness. I believe guns don't kill people but sick people who need help and support do. I believe that being poor does not mean you should die because you can't afford treatment. I believe in building bridges and not walls. I believe peace is the answer. I believe cops get killed in action to often. I believe officers sometimes abuse their power. I believe in science. I believe you should be able to practice what ever form of religion you wish. I believe in Earth as a community of humans that must and can come together. I believe in good.

By Will Kindler

When Rob of YourBand asked me to write an article on the state of local art and music, I was, admittedly, a little lost. Being a very private, hard-to-reach person, I find it a struggle every time I have to make an appearance for one of my own shows, let alone another that I’m not a part of. I am also in no way a New Hampshire native, having been born and raised outside of metro-Boston, and while I love and embrace the community in central NH, I’ve always felt like an outsider. It’s okay - much as I love you New Hampshirites (I believe that’s the going term) - I’m a proud Masshole through and through - poor driving and all. Stay off the roads when Nana Kindler is coming into town...

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