Pat and The Hats started off as a three piece band. Then they added a backup singer, then another guitar, and now- a second backup singer Hannah Rose. Since we have already written so much about the other members of the band, we decided to attack their newest member Hannah with a stick. Since we couldn’t find a stick, we decided to attack her with questions. We sat down with her at Market Days in Concord this past weekend. We asked her our famous 5 questions- We asked for her number too- She said “42”. I think she didn’t understand what we were asking orrrrrrrrrr, maybe, she understood perfectly. In any event, she did answer our 5 questions- Her answers and direct personal cell phone number are below!

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Unfortunately Books Young, a local music hero, is moving on. Below is a letter sent to written by Brooks saying goodbye.

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Yesterday we posted an article about the events taking place at Market Days this weekend in regards to music. You can read the full story here-
Since the publishing of that article we have received around 50 emails of support and a couple of disagreement. We were invited to speak on 94.7 FM last night and outlined our concerns there as well. On top of that- we have talked to numerous people at market days. Below is a response that we recently gave to people who may have disagreed with a portion of our thoughts on the matter. We felt that it is important for everyone to understand that this community of musicians that call Concord home are more than grateful and appreciative of bands from out of town. They are also what makes this scene great…. With that… read our recent response below

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This weekend is Market Days in Concord and what does that mean? It means lots of local music is going to be filling the summer air. This year there are going to be three different spaces for you to hear local music during Market Days; Bicentennial Square, Eagle Square and in front of Tandy’s on Main Street. These stages will be filled with some of the best musician’s in the area.

Lucas Gallo and Rachel Vogelzang have gone to great lengths to provide you with pretty much the best selection of bands. Rachel put together the music you will hear at Tandy’s and Lucas is the captain of the Bicentennial square performances. If you bounce from stage to stage these next three days, you will hear the best this city has to offer in the way of music. You have to love this time of year- Market Days always has great local music. However… there is a big issue that I cannot avoid mentioning…

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We sent one of our field reporters to True Brew on Friday night to check out the band that was playing. We asked him how the show went and to report on the event. We should mention- he is one of the most talent-less bass players in town, for one of the biggest bands but his name has been withheld to protect the innocent (he has long curly hair... wears blue). Below is what he had to say about the show Jake Davis put forth for the crowd.

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It is so much fun being a local rock star. Playing music is a passion for most musicians. However, on occasion, it is not so cool to be a local musician. It downright SUCKS sometimes. Why? Well- here are the top 5 reasons.

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This past Saturday night I once again found myself in the dark basement of Penuches in Concord NH for a show of amazing local music. Two different bands were playing that night, The Greenlights and Blacklight Ruckus. It is odd to have two bands both with different colored lights in their name but whatever. I showed up a little early and got a chance to talk to both bands before the show began. The conversations with Blacklight Ruckus were a little strange.

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We here at LOVE Rachel Vogelzang. We have loved her ever since we figured out how to spell her last name without having to ask. Rachel is very influential in our local music scene. She runs a few open mics, was in charge of one of the local stages for this year’s market days, performs regularly AND features numerous local musicians on her upcoming solo album. She is a supporter local music in many more ways as well by going to shows, helping other acts with promotion or just speaking about local music on the radio. On top of all that, she can take an accidental punch to the chest. How do we know? Well, we were hanging outside True Brew and saw her come out the door. Thinking it would be funny, we jumped out at her from on top of a table, screaming at her while in midair with a flying ducky-claw-punch fist high above our head. My lawyer says I can’t talk anymore about the details of the case- but we will just say, jokes are jokes until someone loses a limb or loses their dignity on a fence post.(ED note- most, if not all, of this story was fabricated in a detailed plot to distract the reader from the truth about processed chicken nuggets) After we had this altercation, Rachel and I sat down for our famous 5 questions! Below are her responses, or at least the ones the lawyer would let us print.

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PART THREE!!!! What are your top three favorite albums of all time? Comment your favorites at the end of this article, see who agrees with you! You can tell a lot about a person by looking through their trash. You can tell even more about a person by going through their record collection For example, I have an extensive number of ABBA records; so it is obvious I should not be trusted with major life decisions. You can tell even MORE about a person by finding out their top favorite albums of all time. We decided it was time to find out a little about the musicians around town and what their favorite albums were of all time- below is what we found out.

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