7 Years, 1000 Article's- We Desperatly Need YOUR Help

We have been doing Yourband.info for 7 years now. We have hit a major milestone; 1000 stories. That is right, 1000 stories that we have written, posted and shared. 1000 stories about local bands, local venues, music education geared towards local musician, one local music compilation album, and interviews with successful local musicians. If you can’t tell, our focus is local music. That is one new story every 3 days for 7 years.

Most of our articles are on bands based in the Concord NH area but we also cover all of New England and even the entire world. Our goal is to let you know about local music first, where ever that ‘local’ may be. We want to be the first to review a local band, the first to tell you about their shows. First. We have been successful at this too.

This approach also comes with challenges. For one, money. As you could expect, we don’t make a ton of money at this. Actually, we lose money. This gets expensive, hosting fees and domain registrations and other expenses (like this computer.. read that story here).

So what does all this mean. This is normally the part where we ask for money. Well, we are asking for something but not money. If you like what we do, please do the following four things.


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Tell your friends about us. Really. Send 3 texts, emails, or IMs to friends telling them to check out www.yourband.info


sign up for our mailing list by putting your email in the upper right corner of this page.

That is it. If you would like to see yourband.info here for another 7 years and another 1000 articles, that is all we need. Why do we need these things from you? Well, the reason we do all this work is to promote the local music scene. That is our reward. However, we would like to promote it EVEN BETTER AND BIGGER. With your help, we can reach this goal.

Thank you,
Rob (the guy in the picture, CEO, Editor, Writer and the only guy on staff)

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