The 123's- Review

The 123’s took to the stage at halftime during this past weekend’s roller derby bout in Concord NH. They were great. The derby itself was also entertaining, although it appeared that the away team was using dirty tricks to win. The crowd was slightly smaller in the arena today, but who cares, I am here to see the 123’s.

The music was great. It is sort of a cross between Radiohead, alt-pop and The Beatles on acid. Powerful lyrics are sung in a whisper then belted out across the mic in a furry of passion. The bass is dead on locked in the groove and supplemented with horns. Trumpet and trombone are sporadically picked up by the bassist and played one at a time with the bass. Yes, that is right… he played both the Trombone and bass at the SAME TIME. The drummer is like Animal behind the drums but with more control. In combination with a great stage, light and sound show put on by Go-Local Music, this half time show was one of the best I’ve seen.

OK, enough about the band; Little did The 123’s know, but while they were looking the other way, I snapped some pictures of their guitar effects. I love effects…I assume you do too. Let’s talk about what they have going on down on the pedal board. The guitarist uses 4 EHX pedals, Small Stone, Small Clone, Metal Muff and Holiest Grail. A Fender Foot switch and wah finish off the board. Hmmm… where is the tuner? The bass player uses a few boss pedals, The TU-3, bass overdrive and super octave. He also has an EBS multi comp and the awesome, sans amp bass driver deluxe.

So, that’s it… end of the review.. stop reading and go buy The 123’s album.
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