Ghost Dinner Band- Boogie on Alice- Red Sky Mary- Review 4-20


If you were not in ‘The Square’ in Concord NH this past Saturday night, you missed some great music… and some sort of strange smell lingering in the air. Boogie on Alice, Ghost Dinner Band and Red Sky Mary all played on Saturday within 50 feet of each other. If you were like most people, you spent Saturday night bouncing back and forth between Penuche’s and True Brew.

I started my night at True Brew to see Boogie On Alice. The place was PACKED- I have never seen so many people. The stage has been moved. It was previously in the back of the bar but it is now in front next to the windows. For flow of people, it is a wise choice… For sound and view? I am not sure yet. The boys in Boogie are playing their first show since coming out of hiding from Rocking Horse Studio and they are tight. It shows that the hours of being stuck in a room together have honed their skills even more. The band has always been great at jamming but tonight they are on fire. Is it the crowd they are feeding off? Is it extra hours of practice? Is it the beer? Or is it because it is 4-20? I don’t know, I just know I see tons of people dancing, old and young. I even had some drunken guy try to get me to awkwardly dance with him. I avoid the situation by avoiding all eye contact and pretending to text someone. Boogie On Alice does a cover of “Sweet Caroline” with the guitarist from the band Captain Chet Lawson’s Snake Oil Revue and the crowd sings every word… it was electric.

I next head down to Penuche’s. I was hoping to catch a little of Red Sky Mary because I had never seen this band before. I see a couple of guys standing outside who look as though they should be in a band. After a brief conversation I learn they are in the band, I have unfortunately missed their set, they hang with women of questionable morals but they would give me a free CD. Awesome, I love free stuff. I don’t listen to it until I drive home, we will have a review of that CD in a few days… For now, just know this….It was worth every penny. (hmm… does that mean I hated it or loved it?)

Ghost Dinner Band....Penuche's... What can I say besides: It the F%$*ing Ghost Dinner Band!!!!! This is the first time that I have seen them with their new drummer. He sweats a lot, and he might want to get that looked at by a professional. The pictures of cats on the drummer’s tee shirt were inappropriately wet (If you don’t get the joke, congrats on having a highbrow). There is nothing I can say about this band that I have not all ready said before. They are amazing. The best band around. They rock. So, instead of inflating their ego even more by saying “they are the band that every other local band wants to be”, I will give a complaint. Yeah, that is right; I have an issue that needs to be addressed. Ok, my complaint- You guys have to stop being so good, you are making the rest of us look bad. You bunch of Jerks.

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