5 years, 3 Years, 1 year ago- What was happening in local music

We have been doing YourBand.info for 5 years now. In honor of this, we are starting a new column that we will periodically post called 5, 3, 1. We will share what we were talking about on the site 5 years, 3 years, and 1 year ago

5 years ago-

TapeDeck with Jeff Bibbo of Groovechild and Scott Trottier of Dually Finch play at Mill Brook Gallery.
Mark Trottier of Go-local put on a series of music events at Millbrook Gallery in Concord. This show was one of the last shows that Jeff Bibbo played before reforming with Groovechild.

"I find myself sitting in the middle of a big field, expensive sculptures surrounding the yard, 10 horses running by and Tapedeck on stage. This show is the last of the summer in a series of outdoor concerts at the Mill Brook Gallery in Concord NH put on by Go-Local. I am excited to see Tapedeck tonight as I hear Jeff Bibbo of Groovechild fame will be joining them on stage......"

Read the Full story here: http://www.yourband.info/index.php?q=node/93

3 years ago-

Granite state Music festival has their first show.
Granite State Music festival had their first big festival in Concord.
"What are you doing this weekend? If you are reading this article and are from New England, there is only one answer… GRANTIE STATE MUSIC FESTIVAL! This marks the inaugural year of the festival and it is promising to be one of the biggest music events that this small town has seen in a long time. It is a two day event taking place in the field at Everett Arena with more than 20 bands performing. Tickets are 45 dollars for the two day event and proceeds go to benefit the Concord Community Music School..........."

Read the story here: http://www.yourband.info/index.php?q=Granite-State-Music-Festival

1 year ago –

Local Blend was released
YourBand.info released Local Blend, an album featuring various local artists performing their original music.

"Yourband.info, has released a local music compilation album. The album, Local Blend Volume I, features various local solo artist and bands from around Concord NH. We THINK this project is the first compilation album done featuring musicians from the area(although we didn't really check to see if we were right)......"

Read the story here: http://www.yourband.info/index.php?q=local-blend-vol-I

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