5 Questions with Chelsea Paolini of People Skills

This Friday night, March 14th 2014, the band People Skills take the stage at True Brew in Concord. The band is from Dover and we thought it was damn time we sat down with their singer and guitar player Chelsea Paolini. We sent 500 texts one night, one after another, trying to get an interview. Each text was just a little more desperate then the last “can we get an interview” “Do you like us, circle yes or no” “Just tell me what I did wrong to make you stop loving me”. None were returned. So we gave her a call- she told us to stop calling or she would get a restraining order. We showed up at her house- She called the cops. We got binoculars and looked in her windows from the bushes… she likes to sing and dance while vacuuming… anyways.. we finally tossed a note in a bottle with 5 questions and hoped it reached her… it did. Here are the responses we got via Pony Express.

What is your favorite venue for your band to play?

Chelsea: My favorite venue to play is definitely Fury's in Dover. The crowd is always fun and very responsive, and the staff there is the best! They have a great stage and it's always a blast.

How did you get your start playing and singing music?

Chelsea: My parents bought a cheap, out of tune piano when I was 6. I started taking lessons and eventually that turned into playing guitar and singing when I got bored of the piano.

Who is your favorite local band right now?

Chelsea: There are so many great local bands...it's hard to choose. Jazzputin and the Jug Skunks are especially awesome.

What album could you listen to on repeat for the rest of your life?

Chelsea: I get sick of albums if I listen to them too much! Haha. But I'd say a few forever favorites are Tommy by The Who, Pinkerton by Weezer, and Goodbye by Cream.

What is the most important skill that people can have?

Chelsea: I'm going to say sleeping, because I have a lot of trouble with it, and I think people who get great sleep at night should appreciate how easy it comes for them! It isn't fun to be sleep deprived!

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