5 Pieces of gear that you can’t do without

5 Pieces of gear that you can’t do without-

The holiday season is coming up on us. This means it is time for you to buy yourself some presents. Sometimes it is hard to decide what to buy for yourself. Below we have listed a few items that you cannot do without. If you are in a band, you need each piece of gear below. If you don’t have it- buy it right now. Seriously…. YOU NEED THESE!!!!!

Pedal board-

If you are a guitarist or bass player and you use effect pedals; you NEED a pedalboard. Placing your effects in a bag and then pulling them out at the show and tossing them on the floor makes you look like a chump. It also ruins your knobs. If you have invested money in the gear, take a second to protect it with a case. It also makes packing and transportation of the pedals much easier. You can pick up a Pedaltrain PT-1-HC Pedalboard with Hardshell Case around 100 bucks-


You need a tuner. You should already have one. You should punch yourself if you don’t. You should also not start sentences with You four times in a row. You follow? You should now go buy either the Boss or TC Electronic tuners listed below. You can get them for 100 bucks.


Every musician should have at least one good mic. The industry standard is the Sure SM57 or SM58. Get the 58 for vocals and the 57 for micing an amp. Again.. about 100 bucks
SM58 http://www.musiciansfriend.com/pro-audio/shure-sm58-mic
SM 57 http://www.musiciansfriend.com/pro-audio/shure-sm57-instrument-vocal-mic

Direct Box

These things are a must have if you play acoustic guitar. If you are in a band that primary plays acoustic, there should be no reason why you do not own one of these. They are also great for splitting an electric guitar into two lines for recording; one line for dry and used for re-amping- the 2nd line for going to the effects and amp. You can pic one up for well under 100.

Guitar Stand

Stop leaning your guitar up against crap at shows. Get a stand. Not only will you not have to stress about your drunken bassist knocking your guitar over off the amp again…. you also will look so much cooler to the ladies… 9 out of ten ladies make their selection on what band member they are going to take home based on their guitar stand.

What do you think is a piece of gear you can not live without? Comment below and let us know!

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