9th State Madmen- CD Review

I got a copy of the new 9th State Madmen CD ‘World Gone Crazy’. Don’t ask how I got it. Ok, ask… go ahead… ask. Well, I found it at a friend’s house on the back of his toilet. Really. I am not lying. I liked the packaging so much that I decided to steal it and take a listen before he even knew it was gone. I figured a local NH band that put out a CD with this much detail going in to the packaging… it must be good music.

When I was growing up one thing my mom said; if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all(she actually never said this. She did tell me once that I couldn’t play with my brother for a few days because he pushed me down the stairs while we were racing to get to watch Dukes of Hazard. I fell on the Atari and broke the on/off switch with my butt.) Well, I do have some nice things to say about the 9th State Madmen. So I will say those and leave out the stuff my mom wouldn’t want me to say. So you can assume… if I don’t mention it… I had nothing nice to say about it.

The music on these tracks is very good. The guitar, drums, piano, harp, and bass are fantastic. It shows that they spent a long time crafting, editing, and re-editing to make sure each note was perfectly placed and sounding sonically as best as possible. I hear an influence of Sublime and The Spin Doctors. A few songs presented on the CD could get some serious radio play.

I heard a rumor that the 9th State Madmen have since broken up. Some moved across the country, some stayed here and others might be selling used Atari parts… I don’t know. All I do know is that I listened to this entire CD. I am returning it to behind the toilet at my buddy’s house, but not before I burned two of their songs to my IPod.

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