Alto Nido- Review

Alto Nido is a one man band from Sweden, by 21 year old Jakob Johansson. I’ll be honest- I did not expect to like this music before I heard it. I don’t know why; just something about hearing the words “one man band” and “Sweden.” I have no issue with either of these terms. I love Sweden. I love one man bands. I only say this because I want you to be aware of the uphill battle Alto Nido had to win me over.

There is nothing amazing about any individual moment on any of the tracks. Nothing really builds or drifts away. Instead, each and every track spins out pure goodness like a thread of gold. You don’t know why but these tracks wash over you like a calming wave, not a tidal wave, not a dribble, not a power shock, not a rip. Pure. Pure music. Perfect the entire song.

Like Nick Drake, part haunting, part joy- I enjoy the pure simple tones that Alto Nido brings to his sound.

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