Badfellows New Album- The Happy Hunting Grounds

Recorded in 3 days in April at the Hideaway in Exeter, NH.

Recorded, produced, and mixed by Evan Paraskos

Mastered by Evan Paraskos and Evan Yarmo

Thanks to all our friends for the unconditional love and for putting up with a lot of dumb stuff. We're 5 dumb people. Courtney's too far away to catch our dumb. Additional thanks to every band we've had the pleasure of playing with. Bonus thanks to Tyler Hallett, Fugue State Productions, Eric Walker and the Sound it Out gang and Chris Tremblay for being a drunk on our album cover. LOVE 2 THA WORLD.
released 17 July 2015

All songs written by Badfellows.


Evan Benoit: Guitars, Keys and Vocals
Lucas Troy: Guitars and Vocals
Evan Yarmo: Bass
Ryan Egan: Drums and Vocals
Zachary Glennon: Cello and Violin
Courtney Williams: Vocals

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