Advice All Bands Should Follow: Including Yours

Booking- Don’t book a show in the same town within 4 weeks of each other. You do this for a few reasons. Your band only has so many fans that will actually come out and see you play. If you spread yourself too thin, people won’t come to all your shows. You also want the show to be special. If you are playing the same town a few days apart, people will “just catch the next one” and never actually go to either show. They know you will be playing again in a few weeks anyways, where is the motivation to come see you today.

Volume- “We are a loud band” these words should never leave your lips. Are you playing in a bar? Turn down. Half the audience will automatically hate you for being loud and not even pay attention to your music if you are too loud. Plus, your bartenders will not be able to hear customers giving their orders. This will make bar tenders mad, and you will not be playing there again anytime soon.

Drinking- Are you Keith Moon? The answer to this question will be the same answer on if you can have more than 2 drinks before taking the stage.

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