What to do this Saturday night; Head to the Square

What to do this Saturday night; Head to the Square

We have had a bit of snow the last few weeks and you might be wondering what you should do Saturday night. You should head down to Bicentennial Square in Concord(known as “The Square”). The Square has become the hot spot of music in New Hampshire. It is located in Downtown Concord between Main, Warren and Pleasant Street. With True Brew, Penuche’s and a variety of outside summer shows; this little square in Concord is the breeding ground for music creativity in the state. This Saturday night you can catch not one, not two but three of New Hampshire’s BEST bands performing live. To see and hear it all you only need to bounce between two clubs. True Brew and Penuche’s.

So you are wondering how to plan your Saturday night to get in all the great music? GET TO THE SQUARE. Walk straight past Margarita’s and go to Penuche’s for 9:00. Captain Chet Lawson’s Snake Oil Revue will be taking the stage with their entire line up(all 5 of them). You may have heard rumors about a break up but those were just lies started by Chi Chi Foo. After getting your ‘crunk on’ with the Revue, hop on over to True Brew to see Dusty Gray. On your way over to see Dusty Gray you can even crash into Margaritas for a quick shot of tequila, don’t stay to long though; after you’ve had your fill of the amazing Nashville styling’s Of Dusty, you will want to run back over to Penuche’s to see Boogie On Alice jam into the night. Make sure to look at their guitar player directly in the crotch(makes him feel special)

SOOOOOOO Get to the square!!!! Every band booked at either Penuche’s or True Brew are top class. You will never be disappointed, especially this Saturday night. Stop by, tell the bar tender we sent you… You’ll get a free beer. (Note: free beer only available from 9:00 PM to 9:01PM at Penuches this Saturday when ordered in Latin while standing on your head) The Square, it is the new place to be if you are going to be anyone. If you don’t want to be anyone, head to Milly’s in Manchester.
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