5 Questions with Bobby Rice- Drummer of Pat and The Hats

5 Questions with Bobby Rice- Drummer of Pat and The Hats

What are you doing this Saturday night? Well- forget it. Cancel all plans, call the fire department, put the presses on hold… This Saturday night Pat and The Hats are playing their first show at the famous Concord Penuches July 13th 2013. We decided that it would be a good time to kidnap their drummer, force him to mow my lawn, use him as a coffee table and then ask him five questions. Bobby did not like that idea so instead we just asked him 5 questions.

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1. What type of drums do you play? Heads?

Bobby: I play a 5 piece white marine pearl, classic maple Ludwig. The snare is a Ludwig Black Beauty to round out my yin yang kit. Cymbals: Zildjian, only Zildjian! K customs to be exact. My favorite is a 20" dark dry left side ride with 3 rivets.

2. You are playing Penuche’s this Saturday, July 13th for the first time.. what are you going to wear?

B: This Saturday, July 13th, at Penuche's Concord, I will wear a casual button down shirt, jeans and a fresh pair of Fluevog shoes. Not a whole lot of thought goes into what I wear, except what makes me comfortable. And I don't want what's uncomfortable. And I don't want to look like a slob either. I shed that moniker in elementary school.

3. What is your favorite part about playing a show?

B: My favorite part about playing a show? Well, the music for one. The fractional moments when clicking with the other guys feels like glimpses of enlightenment. I don't think. It is when I think too hard that I screw up. I also love grooving on people grooving on me. Narcissistic? I think not. That's part of love.

4. Which Beatle would you not want to be?

B: Hmm, interesting angle to the classic "who's your favorite Beatle?" question. That's tough. Probably Ringo Starr. Although I greatly admire his playing, and he has been vastly influential on my own style, he doesn't seem to get enough credibility as an effector on the invasion. Despite my answer, you're still Ringo. Yeah, you. You know you are.

5. If you had to kill another member of the band- what song would be playing on the radio?

B: Foxygen's "We are the 21st Century Ambassadors of Peace and Magic", the title track on their newest album released this year. That song feeds me energy that only orchestrators of magic know how to do. But I wouldn't kill any members. I get along with those guys better than everybody I've ever played with. Bless the Hats, they drive me.(Editors note: Members of PATH- If you hear this song playing on the radio... run)


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