Go Local Music’s Camp N Jam- CJN

Go Local Music’s Camp N Jam- CJN

Are you ready for the festival of the summer? Are you ready for more than 35 local bands and musicians to be taking two stages? Are you ready for almost as many vendors selling a bunch of stuff ranging from coffee, T-shirts, disc golf discs, hoops, Pizza, burritos, hot dogs, veggie shit, and all kinds of food other “things”. Are you ready for disc golf? Are you ready for a professional light experience? Are you ready for Strangers Helping Stangers? Are you ready for us to start a sentence without the words “are you ready”? SO ARE WE!!!

Go Local Music is presenting their 5th annual Camp N Jam the weekend of June 28th to 30th ( AKA CNJ). Previous years of the festival had only been one day of music, this year brings three days of music and two stages. The muti-stage approach will allow for NON STOP MUSIC from noon to 3am! That is right 3am, stay awake for the late night festivities. They also have a new location in Davisville. Big thanks to Toby and Ian from the Davisville flea market for letting this fantastic festival take place on their land.

WARNING!!!! This Friday June 14th is the last day for your chance to purchase early bird tickets; 60 bucks for the entire weekend with a Friday night pig roast, preferred camping and bottomless cup of beer. Day passes are $35 for each day. After this Friday, the price goes up!!!!! The weekend passes are the only tickets that come with the famous “bottomless cup” of beer. So don’t be the sober jerk paying more at the gate… get those tickets now! (click the link below to get tickets)


What breaks the mold for Camp N Jam this year even more are two featured headliners. Kung Fu on Friday night and Zach Deputy on Saturday night. These are nationally touring acts that are sure to blow your pants off with their amazing tunes. The bonus is; Zach deputy is also a pro sponsored and endorsed disc golfer. This means you just might be able to catch him tossing disc at the disc golf course that will be at the festival. The disc golf course will be a true 18 hole experience brought to you by explore disc golf and Brian Giggey, sponsored pro Innova player. So if you are a disc golfer and want a chance to met a pro; get down to the course and say hi to Brian. Maybe he will show you a thing or two. I know I plan on asking him his thoughts on thumbers… Don’t know what thumbers are? Go ask!

Over the next few days we will be featuring a few camp n jam acts; giving you some info and letting you get to know them. For more info on the event search facebook for go local music or their website http://www.golocalmusic.org We hope to see you at the show. Come say hi cause we will be there. Also, keep an eye out for Unicorn rides. Travis MacAwesome will be offering free unicorn rides to all. The awesomeness of Travis and the awesomeness of Travis's awesome unicorns cannot be understated.

Who is Playing Camp N Jam V!

Traci McLean
The Edd
Captain Chet
The Ron Noyes Band
Kung Fu

Don Bartenstein
Maganahan's Revival
Tyler Road
Run Gazelle Run
The Romano Project

Red Letter Reunion
Juliana Cable
Pat and the Hats
Donkilo Afro Funk Orkestra
The 123's
Matt Poirier and Friends
The Crunchy Western Boys
Cyborg Trio
The Dusty Gray Band
The Ghost Dinner Band
Zach Deputy

Rachel Vogelzang
Wrong Turn Miller with Dually Finch
Boogie On Alice
Ways To Fall
The Rippin' E Brakes
Ordinary Soldiers
The Jauntee
Diamond Joe
The Gang Of Thieves

The Van Burens
Boogie On Alice
Charlie Chamberlain

Local bands you should checkout-
Dusty Gray Band,Boogie On Alice, The Ghost Dinner Band
The Van Burens
, The 123's, Juliana Cable, Kitchen, The Ron Noyes Band, Diamond Joe, Lucas Gallo, Crunchy Western Boys, BRASBE, Charlie Chamberlain, Run Gazelle Run, Tyler Road, Ways To Fall, Gorilla Finger Dub Band, Yankee Cockfight

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