Music ... Changing Hearts One Beat at a Time

Music ... Changing Hearts One Beat at a Time.

Written by Jen Bundy

Dear Music,

The room is silent… waiting for you to start your beautiful music. My heart starts racing with the anticipation of what is coming. You start strumming the guitar lightly and you start to sing.. It is the most beautiful music I have ever heard and I feel my mind moving to a different place, a magical place where I can feel no pain and I can be at ease. This music for some reason always masks the truth, makes me forget for a couple moments what is real and what isn't.

I've always tried not to let myself fall into your trance but every time you play, it gets a little more clear it won’t be possible.. one more song and it will be all over.. sshh stop playing quick... you look at me and you know what’s happening, it’s almost like you want me to get pushed that last step, you like to have that power, I can see it in your eyes and so your hand goes faster and your voice goes louder and it’s done.. I’ve fallen farther.. you look over at me and with that half smile and its clear you know what’s happened. you know you have me right where you want me.. there for when you want me and not when you don’t..

Music has always had this power over can take me away..suck me in. Music can have a direct line to my heart and soul and I try to have control but certain music just takes it from me. Time passes and I don’t hear your music for awhile and that’s when I know you’re doing. You’re back to her, to him, to everyone else that you share yourself with. That’s what you do dear music.

Everywhere I turn I am reminded of the beauty of your songs..maybe its softer now because you’re not right next to me, but it’s there. It’s in the trees when the wind blows..or in the birds passing over me as I lay on the grass in the sunshine, day dreaming of how magical this world’s something I can’t escape or forget but I’ve come to accept that part of my heart was meant for music, it’s who I am. "Music is an outburst of your soul" and that truly is the case for me. Music is in everything I do and everything that I am.

Now music, you are incredible don’t get me wrong, I will never stop listening and loving the lyrics you sing and the sounds you make, and every time i hear you i will dance with everything that i have and you will always be my friend dear music but my heart belongs to someone that will cherish it always; and i know how wild and free you are music, never being able to stay in one place or in one person’s life too long. So my hope for you is that you keep sharing your beautiful tunes, your beautiful lyrics and that you keep changing the world one person at a time. But promise me be more careful of the hearts you are stealing dear friend.

Don’t you worry I have gotten my heart back and trust me I will be more careful when I hear the next song. I will dance dance dance but I will have a lock around my heart. Music is’s just a different kind of love. It’s a love that takes you to a different place, that lifts your soul and changes your world..But it’s just not yours to keep, it shares itself with the world.

Love and Peace,


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