Diamond Joe- Review

Diamond Joe- Review- Live at Trew Brew

Where were you on Friday April 20th? Did you get down to Bicentennial Square for the awesome music? I did. Tons of kids, teens, adults and dogs packed the square. It was a big gathering of people all there to have fun, enjoy the weather and listen to Diamond Joe play outside.

I walked to my car to grab my coat and i was blown away. Here I was in downtown Concord and for a second I was taken away to a city that wasn’t sleeping. The music coming from Diamond Joe’s P.A. system reverberated off the brink building alleyways creating an atmosphere of complete enjoyment. The laughter of kids reminding you of your youth and how holding a balloon and running is the most incredible thing in the world. The smell of coffee, food and summer filled the air.

Diamond Joe does a variety of traditional bluegrass cover tunes. They are four piece band with banjo, guitar, bass, mandolin and well executed four part harmonies. To say these guys know their way around their instruments would be an understatement. Each performer was a master at his craft. Solos from each musician were perfectly executed.

It was a great day. A fun day. A day that I hope is repeated. Music in downtown Concord is bringing excitement back to this town. I thank you Diamond Joe. Thank you for rocking.

Check out Diamond Joe on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Diamond-Joe/249041608486285

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