5 questions With Drew----- of Tyler Road

5 questions With Drew----- of Tyler Road

What can we say about Drew Hines, Drummer of Tyler Road, that has not been said in various police reports from 3 different states. We couldn’t think of a damn thing. So we decided to ask him a bunch of questions and let him talk for himself. We were surprised with some of his responses… mostly because he can use full sentences and seems generally smart. Drummers are generally not the brightest peg in the Lite Brite.

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1. What is that thing you are sitting on during shows?

Drew: Haha! The thing I am sitting on during our gigs is a cajon. It is pronounced cah-hone. It has a snare pressed up against the front to give it a raspy sound. It originated in Peru during the slave trading times. Slave owners would strip the slaves from their instruments in fear of them communicating with each other. The slaves began playing crates and bureau drawers. The cajon evolved from that.

2. On a scale from one to ten…. What is your favorite number?

D: My favorite number between 1 and 10 is 7 for some unknown reason.

3. Favorite bar to play a show at that has possibly not spit in your beer?

D: I would have to say that I enjoy Biederman's Deli and Pub the best. Great sandwiches, great crowd, awesome staff, and excellent beer choices. They take good care of us.

4. Who has the longest name in your band?

D: Our lead vocal, banjo pickin', pig raisin', wine makin', metal welding band leader Steve Cybulski has the longest last name out of the gang.

5. When and why did you start playing music?

D: As for my music experience. My mom forced me into piano lessons as a child, but I have to admit I enjoyed them. I picked up my first hand drum (djembe) in 2005. I would sit in with Tyler Road as an accompaniment occasionally, but the djembe ate up too much of the mics and space we were performing. I stumbled upon the cajon about 2 years ago and it fit in perfect..


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