Dusty Gray- Review

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Dusty Gray- Review

It is a beautiful day out. I mean, come on… it is April and it already feels like it is July. If you are in New England you know we have been treated with some of the best weather in a century or maybe cursed with global warmer. Either way, I am not complaining, because it means I can sit outside in an old ripped tee-shirt, drink and blast “Dusty Gray” from my boom box. Yes, I have a boom box…. I have MC Hammer pants too… Don’t judge me, and I won’t judge you. BUT, while we are speaking about judging, let’s judge “Dusty Gray.” Heck, they sent me a few track from their EP and I have to review them I.E judge them.

To call “Dusty Gray” a jam band would be wrong. To call them a rock band would be wrong. To call them a country band would be wrong. To call them at midnight asking for ride home from the police station would also be wrong. However, three out of the four are almost Ok. The vocals blast between an old haggard country vocal to a Jim Morrison whiskey soaked bellow.

The five tracks on this EP all have one common thread; mastery of music. The songs are not complex jazz but straight ahead “alt-county”. Oh CRAP!!! Did I just say alt-country, yeah, I did, I want to punch myself for using that term. What the heck does it mean anyway? Well, from best I can tell, it means… great tunes with some fiddle, guitar, drums, keys and vocals. Think of Kris Kristofferson’s first album. Have you heard it? NO??? GO BUY IT RIGHT NOW, I’ll wait. Ok, back? Ok, picture that first album. Take away the terrible guitar tone, add better mixing, add some fiddle, and a driving drumming beat; that is Dusty Gray.

“Dusty Gray” is another great band from Concord NH’s up and coming music scene. They recently signed a songwritting deal with Big Yellow Dog Music in Nashville, TN. You can catch them live around town and up and down the coast. Make sure to head out and check these guys out. If you do, be sure to tell them I sent you. Maybe they’ll buy you a beer, or give you a CD or a hand shake or a wet Willey. Who knows, you’ll never know unless you ask and you won’t know what a great band you are missing unless you check out “Dusty Gray.”

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Dusty Gray is:
Dusty Gray - Vocals & Acoustic
Tim Gray - Drums
Matthew Jensen - Guitar
Jordan Tirrell Wysocki - Fiddle
Christopher Noyes - Bass
Dan Vitale- Organ/Keys

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