Your Favorite Part About Our Local Music Scene

Your Favorite Part About Our Local Music Scene

Sometimes people forget how lucky we are to have such a thriving music community in this small state of New Hampshire. It is not something we should just assume we have always had around and are guaranteed to have forever; because it isn’t. This music scene is something we all have to be a part of and work for to have it last and grow. It is the local musicians, bar owners, writers, studios, bookers, radio DJs and the fans that keep this ball rolling and rocking on its way down this musical path. It was not too long ago when you could not find local bands playing around Concord except for a few times a month. Now, you can find a live band almost every night of the week. Not only can you find music happening but… the music is GOOD. Each band is playing and raising the bar for the next band. It is not a competition but a learning experience, one veteran band teaches the next new band how to do things. That new band teaches that old dog some new things. We are all friends, we are all family, and in some cases we are all lovers (this is your monthly reminder to get tested). We all love this community for different reasons. wanted to know why we all love this community so we asked a number of local musicians, bartenders, fans, and one confused dog this question ‘What is your favorite part about the local music scene?’ Here are their responses…

++++What is your favorite part about our local music scene?++++


“The way it smells and tastes.”

-Corey G of Them In The Hives

“The intimacy of a local musician's show is unparalleled. The musicians are always appreciative of feedback and willing to take time to mingle with the crowd. The crowd is usually a group of like minded folks and usually friends and family of the musicians. It is truly a great scene.”

Drew Hines of Tyler Road

'Healthy representation of facial hair"

-Chris Yesno Of Dusty Gray Band

“I love that no matter how much I travel and how many places I play. My favorite place to play is right here at home. And it has everything to do with the amazing work the local musicians and organizations such as go local and etc. have done to grow the community”

George Laliotis of The Amorphous Band

“I love that I can play a show and see new faces in the crowd along with old friends. Those new faces will be tomorrows old friends and those old friends will help me move a dead body next week.”

Kram Tort- music fan

My favorite part about the local music scene, is that there is a real community of people coming together to try to build on and promote our local scene. Between the artists, the venues and promoters, you can feel a real momentum happening.

- Chris Peters

"I LOVE the local music scene because everyone is one big happy family and they all love one another and want to be there, not because they HAVE to be there! It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside and also makes me want to DANCE! If it weren't for local music, we'd all be big sticks in the mud. Now that's a snore fest that I want no part of!!!"

~Nicolette Janelle- groupie extraordinaire

"I love that we are all a community of friends and when you walk in the door of the venue, everyone yells Norm- I don't know why they shout norm, it is not my name but it still feels good"

Holly K- music fan

“The groupies”

-The G-man (aka Large Unit) of Acoustisaurus/Kurva Jo

In this day in age, we have lost sight of the fact that not just famous people can create good music. Music is to be made around the fire... in the community, and about what's happening around you. Without local talent, the true heart of music would be lost. Music is inherently intended to be local, and should be supported as such. Go local or go home! Am I right?!

-Sonia Salyer music fan

“Definitely the people. The people that attend the shows and play in the bands are all about it! It makes it such a great time!!”

Christine Herbert- music fan

"Concord is where I started my professional music career with The Brooks Young Band, where we are currently promoting our new album, "Time to Fly", and where I hang my guitar at night. The local music scene in Concord has grown over the past few years and I would love to see it continue to grow. It is great to have the opportunity to listen to a variety of music styles so close to home. Concord's music scene provides a collaborative atmosphere where musicians and fans support each other."

Brooks Young of The Brooks Young Band


- Mark Torttier of Go Local Music


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