Your Favorite Part About Our Local Music Scene-PART TWO

Your Favorite Part About Our Local Music Scene

Here is part two of our “Your Favorite Part About Our Local Music Scene”. What is your favorite part? Comment at the end of the story and let us know! For part one go here…

"My favorite part is how many people that are really into live music and the variety ...and also the very limited number of people who want to join in and play the spoons in the middle of a song."

-Jerry Richardson of Beechwood

"Community, desire, ideas and LOCAL MUSIC"

– Anonymous

"Mostly the talent, some of the ability and originality some of our neighboring musicians have really blows my mind. The # 1 reason I try to get involved is to witness this, and help bands show it off!"

-Cooper Leafe, GoUpYourLocalStreamMusic

"The mutual support in the local scene is inspiring. Half the shows I see have guests sitting in and at any show I can spot 3 or 4 guys from 2 or 3 other bands in the crowd. It always makes me curious to see what new projects will be popping up and which ones I could somehow be a part of."

-Upstairs J

"The diversity of styles and the ( with out sounding like a hipster) not so mainstream sounds."

-Tim Fredette

"My favorite part of the local band scene is its like a tight knit family. The fans of the bands are more than likely fans of other bands. And they all support each other. I also appreciate the fact that when you hear a local band more times than not it is their own music. Its not covers that any band could just play.. it takes a lot of work to write your own music and find time with all of their busy lives to practice so that we the fans can enjoy unique music. Local band member are the friendliest to deal with and I always enjoy having them play in my bar. "

-Elissa B of Chen Yang li


Now it is your turn - Comment below and tell us your favorite part about the local music scene!!!!!

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