Granite State Music Festival 2013- In review

Granite State Music Festival 2013

This past weekend was the 2nd annual Granite State Music Festival. It is awesome that we have more and more music coming to town. Concord is really becoming a hot bed of talent and music. Venues are popping up and great musical acts are appearing to fill them with people. The Granite State Music Festival was a music festival to showcase music. The GSMF succeeded and failed on different levels.

Failed: Bathrooms

4 porta-potties- those suckers were filled and smelling nice after a couple of hours. They needed a few more of those guys. I know you could walk across the parking lot and go inside the arena.. but ... that is a long walk and when you got to go; you gotta go. This issue was due to the Porta company failing to come and empty them saturday night as planned. What a crappy company.

Succeeded: Sound

They had a nice big sound system and stage. There was a dual stage attack with a great sound system. A house kit and bass amp made transitions between bands very quick. The production certainly made this show look professional and a great addition to the Concord community. Each band that took the stage sounded clear, crisp and not to loud.

Succeeded: Location

Nice area location. Lots of shade, trees and the river is right behind ya. I saw a few people taking a dip in the river. There were also a bunch of boats floating in the river, taking in the music! I would have loved to be one of those people floating and listening on that beautiful day. Plenty of parking-although 5 bucks to park was a little upsetting.

Failed- Community

They did not embrace the local musician. Just under half of the bands were not from the Granite State. On their own website they profess that they are supporting local acts but they really didn’t. Concord is becoming what the seacoast was in the 1990’s with respect to a great music community and talent. GSMF ignored all of it. Instead of befriending the local acts already proving themselves in this town, they instead went out on their own and brought in more acts from out of state. Most of those acts have never played this area. This was their downfall last year too and resulted in less than fantastic turnout. Let’s hope that if there is a GSMF 3 that they don’t make the same mistake.

Succeeded: Overall

Overall, the Granite State Music festival was a success. The rain held off, there was a respectable crowd, and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. It is productions like this that are just providing more opportunities for bands and musicians and fans to hear live music. More music is never a bad thing. To totally misquote our first president, George Washington- “ I love ‘da Rock n the Roll!!!!"

Local bands you should checkout-
Dusty Gray Band,Boogie On Alice, The Ghost Dinner Band
The Van Burens
, The 123's, Juliana Cable, Kitchen, The Ron Noyes Band, Diamond Joe, Lucas Gallo, Crunchy Western Boys, BRASBE, Charlie Chamberlain, Run Gazelle Run, Tyler Road, Ways To Fall, Gorilla Finger Dub Band, Yankee Cockfight

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