Gang of Thieves- Live Review

We here at like to try and review as many bands as we can. Sometimes that is hard since we cannot make every single show to give each band a fair review. We wanted to make it down to see a new band to town last night at Pencuches but We just couldn’t get out of the house (by this we mean, too drunk after mowing the lawn to drive) So we sent an IM on Facebook to Mark, the drummer of Ghost Dinner Band, to see what that band was all about. Below is an exact transcript of our conversation. Nothing was taken out and names were not changed.

Me: What was the other band that played Penuches last night beside Ghost Dinner? Some other band was there too.

Mark: Gang of Thieves. first time to Concord

Me: first time ever?

Mark: yup

Me: did the audience seem to like their music?

Mark: oh fuck yeah. Very well received. Everyone was like bababa boo lo cash ban. So glad the world cup is over so I don’t have to see Matt Ghelli post every other day about how so and so did something cool in kickball.

Me: Well- I hope they come back. I have not had a chance to catch them. Matt just walked by me- Want me to punch him and say “from mark”

Mark: They drove all the way from Burlington to pretty much make my night easier. Super nice/cool band. All of them. We play with them a lot.

Me: What kind of stuff do they play?

Mark: Funk/rock/jam

Me: what is their line up?

Mark: it's good and powerful. They're entertaining, super upbeat and positive on stage.

Me: Umm... that is not what I asked. Could you please put down the pipe and answer the question?

Mark: drums, 2 guitars, bass, trombone, violin and they all sing

Me: how can you sing and play trombone? You sir are telling a lie

Mark: they give all their music away right on their website. Go download that shit

Me: really? that is cool. What is the website?

Mark: robsucksdick.-com

Me: that doesn't seem to work

Mark: try have you heard of google?

Me: Thanks dip Sh!t. How long has the band been together?

Mark: remeber that time I wiped your ass?

Me: Have you figured out yet that I am copy and pasting this conversation as a review? Everyone is gonna see that.

Mark: I have, you can continue if you'd like in about 10 minutes. I have to drop my car off at the shop real quick... then poop

Me: Gross- do you have any cute cat pictures you can send me?

Me: Hello?

Me: Cat Pictures?

Me: Please?

Mark: I hate you so much.


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