Ghost Dinner Band- Updates From The Road-

Ghost Dinner Band- Updates From The Road

GDB creeps out of New England to play for the charming folks in Saratoga Springs and Skidmore College! This is happening TONIGHT(4/25/2013)!!!Since we love this band and we are friendly with a few of the band members,(we hate some too), we are getting LIVE updates from the road! how exciting!!!!! keep checking back for MORE updates!


- everything's packed except the light show and our personal carries. We have a 3.45hr trip per map quest, so in in the Ghost Dinner Bus, we will make it in 4.5 Hours. No bathroom breaks, piss right out the door as we go....the way of the ghost.(picture Loading the bus)


We are on our way. To help pass the time Josh is giving lessons to the rest of the band on DMX lighting. Dan seems to be paying close attention while Josh fingers the board. You can see Mark's disc on top of his bag left side of frame, and someone's girly leg on the right side of the picture(we can only assume this is Kyle's leg)


About to enter the Green Mountain national Forest. Cell phone reception sucks here.


Stopping at Dunkins in Bennington for coffee, pees and poops. Also the "who can get shot gun" challenge. also notice how the bus is doing a wheelie. Maybe we overpacked it.


We are done with the donuts. Back on the road, Final tally of the Dunkins stop: Several Pees, no poops and three ice coffees. Check out the snuggle bunny's!!!!!


We needed GAS!!!!! 750 bucks later. The bus is thirsty but Cooper really knows how to work the pump. On a side note We love having our Roadie Dan on the trip.
Dan the Roadie Quote of the day: "I think turning the bus into a van is a stupid idea!"
Thanks Dan!!!


Cough cough.... dude...


Welcome to Saratoga!!!!


Time to unload this van. I think we should make Mark do it, he is the new guy. To bad he is lazy.


About to take the stage!!!

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