Granite State Music Festival-Takes Concord by Storm!

What are you doing this weekend? If you are reading this article and are from New England, there is only one answer… GRANTIE STATE MUSIC FESTIVAL! This marks the inaugural year of the festival and it is promising to be one of the biggest music events that this small town has seen in a long time. It is a two day event taking place in the field at Everett Arena with more than 20 bands performing. Tickets are 45 dollars for the two day event and proceeds go to benefit the Concord Community Music School.

The Granite State Music festival celebrates the music of local bands while also bringing in national headlining acts to entertain and get your body dancing. The Chris Robinson Brotherhood, fronted by Chris Robinson of Black Crows fame, hits the stage on Sunday with festival favorite Assembly of Dust performing shortly after. This event is not just about the national acts though. It is about the community; the community of musicians that has been gathering steam in New Hampshire for the past few years. Ron Noyes Band, BRASBE, Local Blend, Crunchy Western Boys and Dusty Gray are all local acts that will be featured during this weekend’s events. All of these bands are local acts that have, in the past year, received numerous awards and accolades for their performances and recordings. Along with a plethora of other local bands that will be blasting out tunes, this festival is not one to be missed.

The band that YourBand is most excited to see this weekend is the Ghost Dinner Band. We became aware of this local talent at the third annual Go Local Camp and Jam festival this past year. Stage presence, perfect execution and a delivery of sonic pleasure are just a few things that Ghost Dinner Band brings to the table. We recently had a review of this band on our site and if you have not checked out the Ghost Dinner band you should plan on heading to the festival on Sunday to see these guys in action.

Mark Trottier, founder of Go Local Music, said “I am amped up for Granite State Music Festival. This is something that is long overdue for our town. We are excited to see some of our favorite performers being a part of the event and it makes it extra special seeing bands we have worked with such as the Ghost Dinner Band along with Ron Noyes Band, Crunchy Western Boys and BRASBE.”

Tickets for the Granite State Music Festival are on sale online or at the gate. If you purchase your tickets before the show you do save some money, so go buy those tickets now.

You can find more information and tickets at:
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