Three Reasons Why You Should NOT Go To Granite State Music Festival This Weekend

The Granite State Music Festival is happing this weekend in Concord NH, June 21 & 22, 2014. Over 20 music acts are going to play on two stages for your listening pleasure. There is one big problem though- actually THREE big reasons on why you should NOT ATTEND this festival- Don’t say we didn’t warn you.


Three Reasons Why You Should NOT Go To Granite State Music Festival This Weekend

1. You hate local music-

If you hate supporting the true spirit of local, home grown arts- If you would rather support “The Man”- you should probably stay home. The stage is going to be littered with the best talent the Granite State has to offer. Bands that are truly amazing will be playing some of the best local music you will hear all year- Why would you want to be a part of that. Things like this make me want to poop.

2. You Don’t Like Having Fun-

The Festival is taking place in a big field under pretty trees and a view of the beautiful Merrimack River. Sounds stupid right? Who wants to be outside, enjoying the sights, while fantastic music tickles your eardrums- no thank you- I plan on staying home and seeing how well I can do on Words with Friends. Did you know ‘Qis’ is a word? 73 point triple word score!!!!! Also- the weather is supposed to be sunny and picturesque- stay home- stay safe.

3. Scott Solsky-

Let’s face it, being around the guy who organized this thing, Scott Solsky, makes you pretty much feel like lesser of a person. I mean, look at what he has done- Put on a great music festival, plays in one of the best bands in NH(Pat and The Hats), has killer facial hair, and on top of that… his wife is pretty gosh darn cute- What have you done recently? Yeah- nothing- So, save yourself from feeling all sad about what you have done with your life and stay clear of being in the same room with Scott; it will make you sad- and cry- and people will ask questions- and you will have to explain through the tears “I am just not the man that Scott Solsky is. Plus I end my sentences in prepositions.” If you do happen to go and you see Scott- Do not make eye contact- look at the ground the entire time and compliment your own sock/sandal combo.

Please comment below on why Scott is better then you.
The Granite State Music Festival takes place June 21 & 22, 2014 in Concord NH
Over 20 acts for a full listing go here:
To Sext with Scott- text pictures to 603-491-8###

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