How a Band Can Piss Off The Booker of a Music Venue

How a Band Can Piss Off The Booker of a Music Venue

We here at have a few friends who book shows at some of the more popular venues around NH, VT and Mass. We sent each of these people an email asking their input on what bands do to piss them off. They each sent a list of things that bands do that annoy the hell out of them and risk those bands not getting booked again. Here are their top responses.

People don't know when it's your day off

“I really hate it when bands text me on days I don’t work-I’ll tell them I will get back when I am at work. Then they keep texting me… then text some more. If I am not your friend or you are not sending boob pictures, cut it out.” –

Bands that don’t know their schedule

“Don’t contact me asking for a date and then have no clue when you are available. You have just wasted my time.”

Long ass breaks between sets

“Don’t go away for an hour in the middle of your set- normally- what you should be doing is pee- smoke- drink... then, wait for the slow ass drummer to finish… this should take no longer then 15/20 minutes”

When band members are rude to customers or staff

"One of the members of a local band was rude and swore at a bouncer. He stalks the bar now, trying to make peace. He can fuck himself. They wonder why they can’t get a show here anymore. Get a clue dude.”

“If a band yells at a customer and that customer leaves- that costs the bar a sale. You can be sure that the band will not get another show at my venue. I’ll also be sure to bad mouth them behind their backs to all my booker friends (I hope this is anonymous…. ???).”

Start On Time

“I am paying you to play from 9pm to 1pm. If you start at 9:45, you will piss me off. Want me to dock your pay?”

“I hate it when a band feels they can wait after starting time. People show up expecting music, if there is not music, we might lose a customer.”

Don’t lie

“Don’t tell me you will draw 300 people if you are only gonna bring in 10. I will get you on a bill that is appropriate for you so that you and I don’t look like morons to the owner.”

Don’t book shows close to each other.

“If you book a show with me, I expect that you won’t have a show down the street the night before.”

Get back to me

“I hate sending a text/voicemail/etc and never hearing back from the band. If I contact you about your show, get back to me ASAP-like- that day.”

Follow instructions

“our website has clear ways on how to book a show- follow it” “If I say, No calls and you call, I hate you. If I say I only take email submissions and you mail it, I hate you. If I explicitly told not to come to the venue asking for a show and you do, I want to shake your face with my fist..”

Promote your show

“The internet has given you Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, PornHub and more- USE THEM. Also, print up some handbills or flyers. Don’t just expect to show up and play. Promotion is part of the work we are paying you for. We will promote you as much as you promote yourself.”

Don’t mess with pay

“Trying to renegotiate the day of event. If you somehow forgot what amount of money you agreed to play for, and then try to get more money the day of the event- I hate you. This is pretty much blackmail. We told you that we were paying you a certain amount. If that was not acceptable you could have said no when we booked the show together”

“Failure to understand that there's a budget and regardless of your grandiose view of your talent and that your mom said you're awesome, you might not be in a league to collect on $1000's when it's your mom and 3rd cousins in the audience and no one else. Oh and this is the first time they've gone out to do anything in 25 years”

Guest lists

“Expecting to have your entire family and 3rd cousins let in free to your show. If you have a guarantee then you can give them some of your pay if you are concerned about having your proctologist on your guest list.”

Be a pain in the ass in general

How Bookers of Music Venues Can Piss off Bands


Agree with us? Disagree? What do you see other bands do that pisses you off? Comment below!

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