How to Promote Your Band's Show

How to Promote Your Band's Show

We did an article last week begging bands to start promoting their shows. It is a terrible thing when no one knows who is playing shows in a given week. I honestly get texts, emails and FB requests from all sorts of people each week asking me what show they should be going to this weekend. If I don’t know about your show; I can’t tell people about it. So, I’ve created this handy little tips list to help you promote your event.

Invite your friends to your shows-

If you have not been inviting your friends to your show… START NOW. If you don't have any friends, find some or buy some. Making up imaginary friends is a great idea but since invisible people never pay the cover charge, do this sparingly. You NEEEEEED to create a facebook event and invite all your facebook friends for each show you play. “but I don’t want to annoy my friends”... Well, you know what friends go to your shows- invite them at least. I see way to many bands not setting up facebook events. Easy simple and lots of people use them.

Go To Other Shows-

This is the most important thing. You should be going to a few shows a month put on by other local acts. Introduce yourself to the band, bring a hand bill for your next show and give one to the band (we’ll get into hand bills in a second). The person in the band you should give it to is the most important looking member. Usually this is not the lead singer and not the bass player. Look for the member doing the most loading of the PA gear- that is the guy you want to talk to cause he controls the band. Most local bands go see other local bands. If you make it a point to go to other local shows, well, they will come to your show in return. During their show it NOT a good idea to clap loudly after every song screaming your own bands name.

Hand Bills-

For each show print up 100-237 handbills. You should be able to fit four on a regular piece of paper. Print them up at home or bring them to Kinko's. Go to a website that offers free digital pictures ( or google images) and use one of the public domain pictures(you need to search for public domain or free use, not all pictures are free to use). Download the picture to your computer and edit it in your picture program. Just place text with the info of your show on the handbill; date, time, band name ETC. if you are not any good with computers then you should really learn. I mean, these things will be running the country pretty soon. Have you read 1984? NO?!?!?! You need to read 1984.... or if you are dumb, watch a matrix movie, same damn thing.


Don’t go crazy with these. Print five to ten posters for each show. Make sure to put a couple at the club and one at your work, one at your parent’s house and one over George’s bed for high exposure. Unless you are a known band already, no one is going to see your poster and decide to go to your see your band so printing 100 of these does you no good. Be sure to fasten the posters to walls securely. Use a strong tape, or spit.

Give away CDs-

Wait, but you want to sell them. NO. NO you can’t. Give them away. Make sure on the CD cover you have printed your band name, web address, upcoming shows, home address, Social security number, location of Jimmy Hoffa and a picture of a cute cat doing something silly. Go to a local show where a band is playing that sounds like yours. Go nuts and give away a bunch of free CDs. Giving away CDs is an art form- see below.

How to hand out handbills and CDs-

NEVER just hand something to someone and walk away (unless it’s herpes you are giving). You need to make a connection with the person you are giving something to. If you don’t make a connection they will not care what you have to give them and you have just wasted your time. Talk to the person first. A good conversation starter “boy, this band is good” or “Rob from Captain Chet is the most awesome person I know” also, to make them at ease and to make them understand that you are not hitting on them (boy or girl) mention your significant others name immediately in the conversation. Basically, you are trying to make a quick new friend that when you give them a CD they will not just toss it in the trash. If you give a CD to someone and they suddenly seem to not care about what you are saying... take the CD back, punch them in the face, and move on. This world is filled with too many stupid music haters to waste your time.


Make sure you have an e-mail list. You should use this list sparingly. People hate getting e-mails. Only send them an e-mail for your big big shows. You should not e-mail everyone on this list 4-5 times a day. Do not send them cute pictures you found on the internet or links to sites that might give them viruses. You should also not send everything in Latin. ECCE EN PICTURA!


Don’t book a show in the same town within a few weeks of each other. You do this for a few reasons. Your band only has so many fans that will actually come out and see you play. If you spread yourself too thin, people won’t come to all your shows. You also want the show to be special. If you are playing the same town a few days apart, people will “just catch the next one” and never actually go to either show. They know you will be playing again in a few weeks anyways, where is the motivation to come see you today.


Get your show advertised in print. There are a lot of online magazines (like ours) that has a calendar. To get your show listed with us- Just post it on our facebook page. There are also tons of other print outlets that are just as easy to get your show printed. Just look online for your local papers- most have a very easy way to submit your show. Get it listed!!!

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