I Hate Your Stupid Band and Your Venue

I Hate Your Stupid Band and Your Venue

I go to a ton of local shows. I mean a ton. Like a few a week. I mean- you pretty much see me at all the shows around town. For example- this Friday I am going to see my friend Rachel tear it up at Tandy’s in Concord. What else am I doing? I don’t know. I have no clue. What am I doing next weekend? I have no clue! Why? Because YOU ARE NOT PROMOTING YOUR SHOWS!!!!!!!! Fine Hate me- but I am telling you- You are an idiot. I love you- but YOU are an idiot. I am sick and tired of you not promoting your shows. With all the technology you have available at your finger tips; there is no excuse. You are lazy. Plain and simple- LAZY!!!!! I mean, I love you, I find you attractive, I like your pants- I love your music- seriously I do. Please listen though….

Here is my problem. I have a wife, a kid, a pretty strong drinking habit and I need to plan my weekend activities in advance. If you are in a band and you do not promote your shows- I curse your name every day. I walk around my house in my boxers bitching to my wife about how I have no clue who is playing this weekend. (She bitches right back at me that I need to put on pants cause her mom is there.) Yes you- I am looking right at you, you person in a band reading this article. Facebook, twitter, texting, snap chat, and internet porn have made your job so freaking easy. Create a Facebook event and invite your friends!!!! Send a couple texts and hand out some flyers. Post a few nudes to a snapchat(please don’t really). People are not going to just magically show up to see you play. You need to tell them about your show. Take responsibility for your band like a business and not just a hobby that you get drunk while doing. I mean, you can get drunk too, but promote the damn show so people know about it and can come see you get drunk.

I am not just talking to the bands here- I am talking to you the venues. Some venues are pretty good about updating their website or Facebook page. But it seems some venues in town suck at listing shows. Come on now. It takes just a couple seconds to take a picture of your schedule and post it to your Facebook page. Really- 2 seconds. +++Snap-post pic to FB- upload complete+++ I know you are not that busy during the day texting pictures of your junk that you cannot post about the shows. It is seriously unacceptable. Some venues do update their site sometimes but the schedule runs and it will be like that for a month. COME ON- one of the major reasons people come into your bars in the first place is to hear music. Don’t you think you should sort of care about your business and take a few minutes out of your day to tell people what you have going on?

While we are on the subject of show promotion, back to bands- STOP PLAYING IN TOWN BACK TO BACK DAYS!!!! Are you wondering why your crowd is getting smaller at your shows? Well- it is because you cannot pull a big crowd to one venue on Thursday, then a big crowd to one in the same town on Friday and then have a killer gig at the same venue you played last week on Saturday. It won’t work. You are over saturating yourself and the town. You might be thinking “But I am making 300 bucks a night”. Yeah, well, that will not last. If we continue this bad trend of people playing the same venues back to back- people will stop going to shows. Try playing a few shows outside of town- expand your market. Playing the same town over and over depletes the value versus quality equation for the scene and takes opportunities away from other musicians. We have a hot bed of new bands and musicians coming up; give them a chance to get a show and don’t hog every night of the week. This is not just the fault of the musicians….. Bookers, promoter and venues, I am looking at you too- stop booking bands that are over saturating themselves.

I know I am not gonna make friends with this article. I know people are going to disagree. Sure, I know people are gonna hate me- some already do (ask Scott though- he will agree I a nice guy and handsome). Trust me - I just want to see this music scene thrive and if we continue to head down this road, we are going to start seeing DJs instead of live bands and no one wants that.(‘cept the DJs). Dj’s please send post your hate mail to https://www.facebook.com/yourbandinfo


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