Jake Davis & The Whiskey Stones- Live review

We sent one of our field reporters to True Brew on Friday night to check out the band that was playing. We asked him how the show went and to report on the event. We should mention- he is one of the most talent-less bass players in town, for one of the biggest bands but his name has been withheld to protect the innocent (he has long curly hair... wears blue). Below is what he had to say about the show Jake Davis put forth for the crowd.

They were really really good. Is that enough, do you need more? More? ok- FINE

The entire band was not there, just Jake Davis. It was nice relaxing evening music, the guy really had a voice cultivated. There was a group of ladies that wouldn't shut up though. Which kinda ruined it. Also Buddah showed up, that kinda ruined it too. If you ask anyone who was at the show, I guarantee they all talk about the ladies talking though, that was the real show. Those bitches be crazy.

Did you happen to be at the show? Comment below on what you thought about the talking girls or the band!

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