David Surette and the Jordan Tirrell-Wysocki Trio- Review

What an amazing show. I have seen the Jordan Tirrell-Wysocki Trio before but last night was flying superman capes of greatness. I have become a fan of the Spotlight Café series at The Capital Center for the Arts and I hope to see more fantastic shows like this one in the future. I learned a few things while at this show and about the restaurant, O’s, that I went to beforehand. I learned ten things exactly. These ten things are important and I think you should know them too.


Ten Things I Learned

1. O’s knows how to burn a 32 dollar steak, BLACK.

2. The Jordan Tirrell-Wysocki Trio have amazing harmonies- Like angels singing. Angles that know how to sing a little dirty.

3. The guy who runs sound at The Spotlight Café is named Joe. He smiles back and says ‘thank you’ when you tell him he did great job at sound.

4. David Surette has the most amazing goatee of any man I have even seen and his guitar playing talent is even superior.

5. Jordan can sing and play fiddle beautifully and he has two musicians on either side of him that are just as talented.

6. Hearing ‘Crazy Train’ on fiddle, acoustic guitar and upright bass will make you giddy and smile from ear to ear. It will also make your wife whisper “Are they seriously playing Ozzy! I am in Love.”

7. David Surette has a way of talking to the audience between songs that makes you feel like he is talking directly to you and only you. He draws you into his story and keeps you there with his songs.

8. The bar is open!

9. Singing and clapping along with good Irish music is like a drug of pure fun.

10. I am going to have to see with The Trio are playing again because I want more.

11. I can’t count well and my english skilz B worser.

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