Five(or 10) Questions with Fiddle Guy- Jordan Tirrell-Wysocki

Five(or 10) Questions with Fiddle Guy- Jordan Tirrell-Wysocki

Jordan Tirrell-Wysocki is a guy who plays violin. That is about as much as I knew about Jordan... sooooooo, I asked if we could sit down with him and chat. He is currently doing a stretch of shows in Bar Harbor and we met up while he was at his hotel. While we chatted, Jordan’s bassist, Chris Noyes, was in the corner of the room trying his best to look like he knew how to solder an SM57 mic back together. It distracted me and I got carried away… Normally we only ask people our famous FIVE questions… but Jordan just kept on talking and we ended up with 10 questions. Fortunately, at least three of his answerers were entertaining… so.. good luck finding those three... skip the other 7.

You are a lot of times referred to as the "violin guy". Did you know people called you the "violin guy? Does that bother you?

Jordan: Yes, my real name is far too long and complicated. I usually get “fiddle guy” though, which is probably more accurate than “violin guy.” I wear too much flannel to be a violinist.

How long have you been playing and what made you take the jump into music?

Jordan: Dudley and Jacqueline Laufman, a pair of legendary old-time New England fiddlers from right here in Canterbury, inspired me to start playing fiddle when I was 8. I thought it was the coolest thing ever, but never imagined I’d be doing it for a living. I got into rock music in college, when I noticed that kids my own age (girls, specifically) might actually take an interest if I wasn’t calling it “fiddle music.”

Can you give us a few of bands that you have played with or recorded with?

Jordan: Sure... JamAntics, the Adam Ezra Group, Hot Day At The Zoo, The Tom Lanigan Band, B.A Canning, Pressure’s On, Ryan Kelly, Local Blend, Red Letter Reunion, Matt Poirier, Mike Morris to name a few that have been local. I also worked with a few bands in Ireland and then in NYC. These days when I’m not playing my own music with either my Trio or an assortment of other Irish musicians on the seacoast, I’m usually playing with the Dusty Gray Band, and I continue to do as much studio session work as I can get.

You work a lot with Rocking Horse Studios… is Owner Brian Coombes as cool as he seems or does he hit you when people are not looking... you can tell us.

Jordan: Actually he’s cooler than he seems, and I’ve never seen him hit anyone, but if he gets really mad he’s been known to lock people in the isolation booth at the studio and play his mellotron at them for hours... (Editor’s note: I think he was kidding but I am not sure, best to not piss off Brain just to be safe)

What local band/musician is someone you wish more people would check out?

Jordan: Will Kindler. Incredible songwriter, and one of the most unique and passionate vocalists I’ve ever heard. I had the pleasure of working on his new album, and it’s one of the best recording projects I’ve ever been a part of. Plus, every time I show his music to a girl, she instantly falls in love with him. On second thought, maybe I should stop doing that...

How long can you hold your breath?

Jordan: I once sat in a room with Garth Hudson of The Band, waiting for his reaction while he listened through a track I had played on as he prepared to lay down his own part. The song was about three minutes and twenty seconds long, so... there’s your answer.

Do you bond better with bass players because you both use 4 strings or do you hate bassists as much as the next guy?

Jordan: I love bassists. We stay out of each other’s way sonically. As one bassist put it, my high, lady-like tones don’t conflict with his deep manly boom. The only problem is when I have to stand next to an upright bass, because holding my fiddle next to one of those things makes me feel small and inadequate.

Seriously- do you hate playing Devil Went Down to Georgia?

Jordan: Seriously, no I don’t, as long as the crowd is into it. If people are having fun out there, it usually means I’m having fun even if I’ve played a song 10 bajillion times, and for some reason that particular song really seems to get people going. It only sucks if I feel like the crowd is as sick of it as I am. If you fall into that category, check out the song I did with the Adam Ezra Group called “Devil Came Up To Boston.” It’s fresh take on it, although the nice folks over at Universal don’t seem too thrilled... (video below)

What are you most looking forward to in the next year?

Jordan: Lots of cool things are in the works, but one in particular that I’m looking forward to is when the Dusty Gray Band heads down to NJ to open for Charlie Daniels in October. That should be pretty darn cool, AND we won’t have to play Devil Went Down To Georgia that night!

Over your music career- what are you most proud of?

Jordan: Honestly I’m just glad I have a music career at all. Anyone who decides to do this full time will tell you there are a lot of sacrifices involved (i.e. evenings off, a steady paycheck, health insurance, anything resembling a normal sleep schedule, etc) so I suppose I’m proud that I made that leap and that it seems to be working out so far. That’s mostly due to the fantastic musicians I get to work with, and the awesome fans that for some crazy reason keep coming out to hear the music we’re making.

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