Juliana Cable- Review

It is not often, or ever, that you hear about a 14 year old singer playing on a Ukulele stealing the show. Juliana Cable though, she steals the show. She has a voice more powerful and soulful then her years indicate. I mean, I must be wrong. The information I have received has to be incorrect. A 14 year old can NOT be this good. Her Ukulele contains a bright tone is a perfect counterpoint to her smooth vocal delivery. Music is not a competition; it is an art. However, that being said, Juliana wins.

Juliana Cable is playing this coming week at the Multicultural Festival, Friday June 22nd, in downtown Concord NH right on the state house lawn. Also playing will be Captain Chet Lawson’s Snake Oil Revue. Captain Chet is another band with a ukulele player (wow, never thought I would say that sentence). Lets hope the two of them get up on stage and do a ukulele duet.

Video of Juliana Singing Back To Black - Amy Winehouse
: http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=4167461988870

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