Top 5 Fun Things to Do to Lucas Gallo

Top 5 Fun Things to Do to Lucas Gallo

If you are involved in the music scene in Concord NH, you know Lucas Gallo. You have seen him walking around in his little fancy hat, smoking a smoke, drinking a drink and skipping a skip. He books music shows at a few local venues; Penuche’s and True Brew. He also co hosts a radio show every other week on WNHN-LP 94.7 FM promoting local music in and around Concord NH. On top of all of that he runs Concord Music Scene , on Facebook, a page that lists all the local gigs around town. If that wasn’t enough he also use to play in the band The Jamantics and still plays out on solo guitar. . Geesh. Know what else? He owns a pig farm where each pig is taught to play guitar by 6 weeks of age (ok that is a lie). OK, well.. you might be wondering “what is the point of this article!” Are we just listing a bunch of stuff that Lucas does? NOOOOOO.. We are listing 5 things that you can DO TO LUCAS.

1. Next time you see Lucas at a show, buy him a beer! He loves PBR(or maybe he hates PBR, I didn’t do any research on the topic. Maybe he doesn’t even drink, I don’t pay attention).

2. Give him Fonzie Thumbs up and say “EYHHHH”

3. Send an e-mail to Lucas, asking for a booking of your “fake band”. Next, spend hours creating a fake website and band facebook page with 1500 likes. Then get a group of guys together for a few months practicing songs until you have 3 hours of material. Maybe play a few shows before just to make sure you are tight. Go to the show and tell all your friends about the show. Play a killer set to a packed house. Look for the expression on Lucas’s face when he finds out it was a fake band…. Hmmm..

4. Have a long conversation with him about how you will not write an article about him for, write one anyway.

5. Keep on telling him over and over how you love his playing on the latest “Ron Noyes Band” CD. When he constantly corrects you indicating he did not play on that cd, wink and say “ I know you did, your secret is safe with me”. Then compliment his Uke playing with “Captain Chet Lawson”.

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