Mari Winings-Review

Mari Winings-Review

I gave a ride to two of the ugly members of Boogie on Alice on Wednesday. We were heading to Bicentennial Square so we could help set up the stage for this weekend’s market days music. During this ride I was asked a question “How do you know Mari Winings”- I had no clue how to respond, the name rang a bell but I had no idea why. I decided to do what I normally do when I don’t know an answer; I lied “We use to date.” I soon realized the reason for the question being asked was that I had her CD in back seat pocket of my car(not sure how to describe where the CD was; you know, that pocket on the back of the front seat that the back seat people can put/hide their used hamburger wrappers). AHHHHHHHHHH it all came flooding back to me, like the ocean levels were rising up, like the 1990 They Might be Giants brand new album. I got her CD during my interview with Brian Coombes of Rocking Horse Studios… The CD was recording at Rocking Horse Studios and Brian had played me a few tracks and I begged for a copy- I have no clue how I misplaced this CD, I have been looking for it for a long time.

I love this CD. I absolutely love it. I can’t say anything else.. but I will…Have you even been at a bar, late night, it is closing time, people are leaving, bar tenders are cleaning, you are mostly drunk, you are looking for love but not finding it. Have you been there? Yeah, me either… umm. But any who.. Picture that. The utter hopelessness you feel. But then; a ray of hope- the cute bar tender gives you a wink. THAT is the message and feeling of this album put forth by Mari Winings. A feeling of utter hopelessness but still filled with hope. The lyrics, the music, and even the artwork all come together to present a happy yet morose feeling. With each lyric, each note you get lost but then found again. Salvation and redemption from sadness with a trip right back into darkness.

You can catch Mari live at market days in front of Dos Amigos in downtown concord. Friday July 19th at 6 PM. Go over, say hi.. tell Mari you love her music and this review sucked and did not do her art justice.

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