Five Questions with Mari Winings

Five Questions with Mari Winings

This past Saturday night I went to True Brew in Concord New Hampshire to see Mari Winings perform her fabulous music. The show was great; Mari was fantastic and she sang beautifully. I have previously told you guys how amazing Mari is in a review of her CD a few weeks ago, so I won’t be mentioning yet again how she is absolutely marvelous. You would get bored if I continuously said she sang and played like an angel was in the room. Really- I won’t be saying any of those things- Won’t even say her piano playing was spectacular and won’t even mention that she is really pretty(what does looks have to do with music anyway)... Instead I will be telling you what happened right after she was done playing.

After her set, I approached her and asked if we could sit down and have a chat (not in a “have a seat over here” Chris Hanson sort of way). At first I think I may have scared her though because I was a little drunk and she most likely thought I was trying to pick her up, or going to try to kill her and toss her in the trunk of my car. After I explained I was from she agreed to sit down and chat. (Little did she know; I did actually have plans of getting her in my trunk and ditching the body). Things were going great until Chris Noyes (bass player for the Dusty Gray Band) showed up and joined us at our table- Chris destroyed my plans, so instead of killing Mari- I decided to ask our five questions to Mari- thanks Chris. On a side note: I am looking to get a bigger car that can fit a ‘Chris Noyes’ sized item in the trunk… if anyone has any leads.

1. What do you think about when performing live?

Mari: Soundscapes.

2. How did you get your start in music?

Mari: Procrastinating.

3. Favorite local act right now?

Mari: Kindness.

4. Boxers or briefs?

Mari: Briefs - Momma does the knockin' out for me.

5. Favorite song of all time?

Mari: The one the crickets sing to me every night.

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