Music at Market Days in Concord-2014

This weekend is Market Days in Concord and what does that mean? It means lots of local music is going to be filling the summer air. This year there are going to be three different spaces for you to hear local music during Market Days; Bicentennial Square, Eagle Square and in front of Tandy’s on Main Street. These stages will be filled with some of the best musician’s in the area.

Lucas Gallo and Rachel Vogelzang have gone to great lengths to provide you with the best selection of bands. Rachel spearheaded the musical lineup you will hear at Tandy’s, while Lucas took the reigns on filling Bicentennial Square with just the right mix of talent. If you bounce from stage to stage these next three days, you will hear the best this city has to offer in the way of music. You have to love this time of year- Market Days always has great local music. However… there is a big issue that I cannot avoid mentioning…

92.5 The River(102.3 locally) will have a stage Friday night at Market Days from 6-10p on Main Street in front of the Statehouse featuring: A.J. Edwards, The Aldous Collins Band, Air Traffic Controllers and Chris Trapper. ALL OUT OF STATE BANDS! What a shame- I mean, I like Air Traffic Controllers but why is it that whenever people in this town decide to do something big, they book less popular out of state bands, that have zero following in the area, as headliners? It is an insult to the hard work and dedication of the local musicians with much larger fan bases. Isn’t the point of Market Days to go down and support the local business on Main Street? The River, a new radio station in town that professes to be all about the independent spirit, yet fails to look up local bands right here in their newest acquired territory. Maybe the organizers of this downtown local event should practice what they preach and support the local arts as well as the fans do. I guess next year I will contact Walmart and see if they want to have a booth outside the statehouse.

I strongly suggest that you skip this stage and support the local music that will be playing Friday night in the other locations. I also strongly suggest you go to and ask why they are not supporting local arts on their main stage. It doesn’t even stop with the organizers of Market Days. The Concord Monitor, just as always, has a fascination with out of state bands. With all of the acts performing this weekend who are local, the band they have place a picture of in their music listing for this year’s market days is A.J. Edwards- Out of state. Why not put in a picture of a local act? Excuse me while I continue to not have a subscription to the Monitor.

Enough of this negative stuff- We have great music at three other stages. It will be an amazing weekend of great local music in this town. Go out, support local music, support local business, support the people who want to make this community great. Below you'll find a link to a listing of set times and stage locations of all the great music you will be able to catch this weekend. See ya at the show!

Are you a local artist? Comment below on your feelings about the River Main Stage

more info on the event:
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