Mike Spaulding- Review

Mike Spaulding- review

We get a lot of requests here at Yourband.info to review solo albums. The requests are all the same; “I recorded this in my bedroom, can you listen and tell me if I suck.” We listen to every band, and most of the time it is not that great and yeah, they do suck. This is what I was expecting when Mike Spaulding sent us a request to review his solo project. I sat back, hit play and got ready for disappointment. Guess what, Mike does not suck. In fact, he is quite the opposite.

The lyrics of his single “Letter” are very moving. The story revolves around a soldier at war wanting to come home. Spaulding does a great job of painting a picture of what the person is experiencing. I must admit, I cried a little. Ok, no I didn’t cry… But it is such a moving song that maybe it will make you cry. What? You don’t believe me? Go listen for yourself, if you are not moved emotionally then maybe you are some sort of robot sent back in time to destroy humanoids and then run for governor and then marry a Kennedy and then get caught cheating with your maid. Seriously, this song is breathtaking.

Mike Spaulding will be releasing his new album within the next month. If you like nice clean pop rock with beautiful vocals, soaring guitars and amazing lyrics; I suggest you pick it up. If you don’t like music like that, go back to doing movies where you are an undercover cop teaching kindergarten. Spaulding’s music is not a tumor.

For more info see: http://www.facebook.com/MikeSpauldingMusic

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