Mines of Paris- Live Review

Mines of Paris- Live Review

mines of paris It is New Year’s Eve and I am at Penuche’s in Concord to see Boogie on Alice. I am not going to review them- we talk way too much about how we love that band so instead we are going to talk about their opening band- “Mines of Paris”. I am not going to talk about how Boogie on Alice made the packed room dance all night. Not going talk about that. Only going to focus on Mines Of Paris. I won’t even mention the ugly sweater that guitarist Matt Ghelli of Boogie was wearing; no need to talk about that piece of fashion puke. We are only going to talk about Mines of Paris. I had never seen this band before so I was excited to see what they were all about. I knew their guitar player Josh works at Rocking Horse Studios so I figured the band had to be pretty good. I could only assume that RH owner Brian Coombes would not employ idiots who can’t play music.

Hmm- a Marshall cabinet with four 12 inch speakers is lugged onto stage. Hmmm- I never trust people who use that much power in a small bar. A small Black Heart head is placed on top- Ok good- I will not be blasted out of my own ears or pants. When the band starts to play I am confused. This is like nothing being played around town right now. It is original. It is not bluegrass or cowpunk or jam- it is-umm- 1990’s Boston indie pop punk. Picture Blur mixed with the Pixies and then a good dusting of Sonic Youth. Toss in a taste of the Atlantics too ( if you don’t know the Atlantics- Please- check them out right now… RIGHT NOW)

mines of parisThe guitar solos are non linear and I love it. Disjointed and fractured sounds coat the room while passionate vocals with a Cobain delivery are pounding out the speakers (yeah- fuck you – I compared him to Nirvana- Don’t get all loopy about it). Notes seem to fall away and are replaced with a new start someplace else. A good dose of analog delay creates a trip of sonic awesomeness.

Are these guys my favorite new band to come out of NH? I don’t know- maybe? I will have to check them out again. I suggest you do the same. Don’t check out Matt Ghelli’s sweater though; might make you go blind.

Find out more on the band here:
You tube video of the show: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-4gKOerrwoE

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