The Natalie Turgeon Band -Review

The Natalie Turgeon Band

The Natalie Turgeon Band from Concord NH just released their first EP. The record starts off will amazing guitar riffs. When the vocals kick in, you are blow away. The warmth of the guitar tone is awesome. Although I do not know, it sounds like a Fender Strat ripping though a Fender Twin tube amp with a tube screamer tossed in for good measure. The singing is marvelous. Natalie has a great voice and it shines on these recordings. It is country pop rock. I can picture myself riding down the road in my convertible, with my family riding in backseat, with the sun shining. Damn it, where did I put my cowboy hat and boots.

The 2nd song, Countryish starts off as if they are going to lead into a ZZ Top song. It is basically a response to everyone who asks what genre their music falls into. The lyrics define their sound and shout at their detractors. “It’s got rocking guitars with a down-home feel.” I could go on and on about how the singing is perfect, but I won’t…. wait.. crap… I think I just did.

The two stand outs in this band are guitarist and singer. They battle back and forth for dominance of the song. When Natilie stops singing, the guitar solos break in to keep the train a-rollin’. The one song on the album that strays from this formula is the last song, ‘Solid Ground’ that features Natalie and piano. It reminds me of a slow Jewel song. Some might see my comparison as an insult, but it is not. I mean, come on… Jewel has some pipes!!!

The Natalie Turgeon Band is coming off the heels of winning best original band in the Hippo press for 2012 and I don’t see them stopping anytime soon. If you going to check them out expecting indie rock, don’t…. They are… countryish.

Video of Countryish

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