New Year's Resolutions By Musicians for 2014

New Year's Resolutions By Musicians for 2014

Boogie On Alice1. Get out of my parents basement and get my own place… or maybe just get a new lava lamp.

2. Don’t get fall down drunk at the next show my band plays but only get mostly drunk.

3. Actually promote my next show so that people show up.

4. Learn a new chord other than the 3 I already know.

5. I will not wear shorts on stage because it looks stupid.

6. Practice scales for an additional 20 minutes a day for a total of 20 minutes each day.

7. I will be not play a show for free and receive payment for my talents and hard work. (I will get talents too)

George Laliotis concord Nh pretends to play 8. George Laliotis will no longer ruin my life. Some musicians are just better than me and I have to accept that fact. It does not mean I am a bad person. And at least I am more attractive than him.

9. Stop sleeping with my bass player’s girlfriend behind his back… or ummm… not as often. Or at least not in his house anymore. Ok ok… I will stop doing it at all. FINE

10. Poop at every venue we play- TAG!

What is your New Year’s resolution- Comment below!!!!

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