Why Owning an Orange Amp Sucks

Why Owning an Orange Amp Sucks

I have owned an orange amp for about 4 years now. I can tell you, it is the most annoying amp I have ever owned. Seriously, annoying!!!! Below are the top 5 reasons why owning an orange amp sucks

1. After every show you play people come up to you and ask you where you get your amazing tone. You explain, “From my Orange amp.” You are then forced to have a 12 minute conversation with some drunken fan about how awesome orange amps are. It wouldn’t bother you except you really just want to have a beer.

2. You will never get to buy another amp ever again. If you are like me, you love buying gear. Here is the problem. Once you buy an Orange amp you will never have to buy another amp. How are you going to satisfy your gear buying needs? I hate going to guitar stores now because I have no need to try out any of the amps.

3. Your effects are not as cool anymore. The best tone I get out of my Orange is when I am plugged directly into the amp. Straight in and not one single effect. But, I spent all this money on distortion and boosters and compression effects and tube screamers…. I still have my board of effects out in front of me during shows… but they are not plugged into anything. They are just for show.

4. You won’t have random help carrying your amp anymore. You don’t trust anyone carrying this thing. People will offer to help you carry your gear but you will lie and say “I’ve got it.” Before owning an Orange, you would let anyone toss your Fender Twin down the stairs. Who cares, it was just a Fender. An Orange though? Only special people can carry this amp and that special person is you.

5. The worst reason for owning an Orange? Everyone wants to borrow it.

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