Pat and The Hats- Review

So what did you do last night? Huh? You stayed home and watched Football on TV? gross- I went out and gave people high fives and butt taps while watching Pat and The Hats play a killer set at Penuche’s. I’ve said it before and you’ll hear me say it again: These guys are amazing. Not only did The Hats have their normal three piece last night, they also had an increadable woman as an additional backup singer who is freaking awesome. These guys are amazing. It seemed each conversation I had that night revolved around talking about Pat and The Hats-

Below are four exact transcripts of four conversations I had last night-
Me: What is up?
Person 1: These guys are really good aren’t they!?!?!?! I love em!
Me: Me TOO-, they rock. These guys are amazing(see I told you I would say it again)
Person 1: I KNOW! By the way- You are an amazing person and attractive and good at life

Me: Hey there
Person 2: Holy crap this is the best band I have seen in a while!
Me: ME TOO-Of course!
Person 2: Did I ever tell you I get lost in your eyes?

Me: Hola
Person 3: This band is my new favorite local band
Me: ME TOO-What do you think about news media saying Voyager left the solar system when in fact it didn’t? I mean even CNN reported it. So wrong, It is STILL in our solar system… it is just in interstellar space. Still in our solar system. It is just being hit with more partials from other stars now.
Person 3: Huh? Did I ever tell you that you are the most incredible person I have ever met and mostly everyone in the world wants to be just like you. I mean, I spend hours each day practicing trying to be just as cool as you and your coolness.


Me: Sup Mr
Person 4: If I could be in any band, I would want to be in this band.
Me: Me too- their music makes me smile
Person 4: Yeah- Did you know some people hate the stuff you write on They don’t get the jokes and don’t think you are funny and get offended by the shit you say and they cry.
Me: That is too bad. I love everyone. I only write sarcastic things about people that I truly respect and care about- Like for example- Did you know that the lead singer Pat from Pat and the Hats in fact hates cats. He even hates cats in hats. He does not like them on a box, he does not like them with a fox… he in fact doesn’t like them here OR there- but….He does like them in his underwear.
Person 4: Seriously, I knew that Pat was a freak!
Me: I was joking! JOKING!!!!!!

learn more about Pat and The Hats here:


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