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The band “People Skills” is looking for your help. They are embarking on a tour and looking for some support to help them on their way. You can learn more and help them with their needs by going here: Below is more information about what they are doing and why they need your help. Take a moment to see if you can help!

Hey everyone! It's been a few years since we did an online crowdsourcing campaign, and this time it's for a much different endeavor. We are heading south for an 11 day tour! If you don't know who we are, we will give you a brief introduction about what we're all about.
We are a 3-piece rock band from New Hampshire that plays almost exclusively original music. Our sound is hard to pin-point, as our genres range from psychedelic rock to progressive; melodic rock to riff-rock, and more. We have short and sweet pop-rock songs; we have tunes with uncommon time changes; we have songs where we improvise and extend solos, making each performance unique. We believe in the importance of a high-energy stage performance, but have also released 2 studio albums along the way, and we are in the process of recording our third.

While we have embarked on several week-long tours around the Northeast in our 5 year career as a band, we have planned our most ambitious run yet. We are heading south, playing 9 shows in 11 days, most of which are in states we've never played before.

We are ecstatic to announce that the tour takes us to Nashville, Tennessee and back, hitting other southern cities where we've never played, including Richmond, Virginia; Asheville, North Carolina; Thomas, West Virginia; and Washington DC. We will also be playing in Albany, NY for the first time, as well as returning to Brooklyn and Philadelphia where we've played several times before.

Touring in this day and age is very expensive, especially when you are playing in cities that are new to you and you don't have your typical local fanbase to show up for support. Pay guarantees are rare in clubs where your group is unfamiliar, and it is nearly impossible to predict how much money (if any) your band will make on an extended tour. Guaranteed payment is especially hard to come by when you are playing music you've written yourself rather than covers that are written and made known by other artists, as venues find it easier to advertise music that the general public is already familiar with. It is a wonderful thing to be able to take your unique compositions and live performances on the road, but most of the time it means paying out of pocket to do so.

This campaign may seem very last minute, as our tour begins August 24th, and the reason for that is because we felt we could save enough money in the preceding months to comfortably fund our tour. However, we have had a few major financial setbacks over the last few weeks, and so we are asking for your help.

Our expenses on the road include gas for a large vehicle, food for four people, shelter, and things that may not be predictable. (For example, on our first tour, our van broke down 3 times!) There is the possibility of equipment breaking, as well as other things that could potentially be very expensive.

Our goal as a band is to spread our music as far as it can go, and we think the south could use a little People Skills. Our live performances are where we shine, and we want to share this with as many people as possible, in as many places. Any contribution at all means the world to us. This is our passion and we thank you so much just for taking the time to read about it!
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