Rob Potylo- 5 Questions- Quiet Desperation

Rob Potylo- 5 Questions- Quiet Desperation

Rob Potylo is a riddle wrapped in a hard candy shell with a creamy nougat center. Some people might remember Rob as Robby Roadsteamer, the cookie monster voiced comedy-music act that performed around Boston. Or you might remember him from past radio DJ jobs or his current radio DJ job at WEMF Radio. Or maybe you know him as the guy on Sox Appeal that found love after a David Ortiz double. Or maybe from his appearance on VH1’s Best Week Ever…. Or maybe you know him as the guy who is the mastermind of Quiet Desperation. We love Quiet D so we decided to ask Rob our famous five questions. Quiet Desperation is a locally produced Documentary or something; Who really knows- it’s more than just a documentary. Basically it is an amazingly funny show about being an artist in Boston. Since it's start in 2009 the show has featured over 300 local musicians and artists.

We here at have LOVED Rob’s work for years so we were excited when he agreed to sit down for a chat. We put on our sundaes best and prepared our questions (yes- we wore cherry’s, bananas, ice-cream and whipped topping). To our surprise, Rob Potylo was still willing to answer our questions and tolerated our fan-stalking with grace and charm. We talked about Quiet D, The renaissance of local musical creativity, hot pockets and Nintendo….. Up Up Down Down Left Right Left Right- B A Select Start (the select part is for people with friends)

1. What is your 7th most favorite Nintendo game of all time?

Rob Potylo: Faxandu.... Just read the hard sell on the cover of it....."Daggers and Wingboots, Mantras and monsters await you!!" It was a fruity side scrolling RPG but magical.... And great on dates..

2. Why do you play a left handed guitar strung righty?

Rob Potylo: Because more people have right handed guitars on hand at their house.... being left handed.... well that's only 10 percent of the guitars out there.... And also because I never thought I would learn guitar......WHO KNEW?!!!

3. What is the best name for a cat?

Rob Potylo: William Desmond Senior Senior

4. Your documentary series has taken some pretty big turns in direction since it’s start, What do you see in the future?

Rob Potylo: We went from Mockumentary to Documentary....hehehe some people are pissed at that because they loved our older albums....But I feel my life is getting more funny again and hope Quiet Desperation will capture it like a VICE type news outlet...Watch the EMF Pilot....

5. Since you can see into the future- how do you die?

Rob Potylo: Shot by CBS and Clear Channel at the same time at the Boston Freedom Rally while I perform.... Dying in Ernie Boch Jr's arms.....swoon

6. What question do you wish we asked?

Rob Potylo: Where can we find your batshit videos???? oh hey!!!

Do you have any questions for Rob, Comment below!!!! Maybe if you ask them he MIGHT respond to you. He could also just ignore you; who knows. We didn’t run this past him or ask his permission.

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