Seth Wonkka and Lydia Lyon: Chris and Kate Peters- Live Revie

Seth Wonkka and Lydia Lyon: Chris and Kate Peters- Live Review

I was all excited. This past Saturday night was Duel Night at True Brew in Concord NH… How unique. Would it be a gun Duel, knife Duel, or maybe even whips???? How many paces would be taken before turning and firing? I didn’t know- but I was excited. I was prepared for formal combat between two people. I jumped in my car and checked my phone calendar to make sure I had the right time- I did have the right time. “Duo night starts in 15 minutes”.. Wait… what the heck. Duo night? Damn. Seth Wonkka and Lydia Lyon are splitting the night with Chris and Kate Peters(husband and wife team). Not a Duel but Duo… Since I won’t be seeing a Duel- maybe I can at least hope for a domestic fight on stage.

I am sorely disappointed by this show. Chris and Kate take to the stage first- No fighting and they actually seem to love each other. What the hell. They play some of the best acoustic guitar True Brew has seen with harmonies that could kill a camel. Like you, I am not really sure what that means either- Camel killing vocals? I am thinking that it means that I think their vocals were fantastic. The only reason I used this phrase is because I want to see that used as a quote in their next press kit. "Chris and Kate bring their camel killing vocals to your town.” They have a few guests join them on stage; everything and everyone is spectacular.

Up next is Seth Wonkka and Lydia Lyon. If I were to create my own description of Seth without stealing words used by anyone before in the history of the world, I would say Seth is… pretty much a squishy David Beckham that can sing you to sleep at night. The complex violin lines tossed out like candy from Lydia compliment Seth’s guitar playing perfectly. Seth's powerfully whispered vocals float out over the crowd and cut though the noise of the bar. If you have not caught Seth’s contagious music, get out to a show and get infected. Just don't let him sneeze on you- it is gross.

When all is said and done- Everyone at True Brew had a really good time. I only have complaint of the night. Why does True Brew make them stop the music so early? I wanted more, everyone else wanted more, and I also wanted more beer. Let the music go on!!! ORRRRR- maybe they stop music early to set up for 'Duel Club' ! I am not saying that is what happened- but I am saying I can't talk about it.


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