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Have you heard about ’Sounds of the Scene’? It is a new radio show on WNHN-LP 94.7 FM promoting local music in and around Concord NH. The show is hosted by two local music advocates, Lucas Gallo and Eric ‘Fuzzy Bear’ Reingold.( to be clear, his nickname is NOT fuzzy bear and he has never been called that before in his life….but we are going to cross our fingers and hope it catches on; be sure to call him that next time you see him.. Why? Because.. just do it. please and thank you.) The show will be airing every other Wednesday night and we hope you will be tuning in!(this Wednesday Feb 26 2013 is an “on” week)

‘Sounds of the Scene’ will feature music from local bands for the entire hour of the show. Along with local music you will be hearing local music news, upcoming shows, in studio performances, interviews and in-depth conversations about Eric’s new nickname “Bring Da Pain” (Call Eric this nickname too. Please and thank you). Each week ‘Sounds of the Scene’ will be playing new and exciting music from the bands around the area. If you are in a band and you want to be played on their show send2 mp3's (192bps) to

Do you love hearing songs from Dusty Gray, Tristan Omand, Lauren Hurley, Brasbe, Chris Peters Band, Flabberghaster, and Blacklight Ruckus? If you do, then tune in to WNHN-LP 94.7 FM, every other Wednesday at 9:00 PM. If you happened to miss the last show, that is ok, you can click on over to to hear past shows. Also, next time you see Erik “never wear pants” Reingold around town, make sure you give him a fist bump.

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