DMB Pedals "Tap That" – Review

DMB Pedals "Tap That" –

No one ever reviews tap pedals. They are unglamorous but necessary pieces of equipment. We thought we would change that!

The "Tap That " is an external multi-tapper used to control tap tempo functions for all kinds of pedals with tempo jack inputs. It has 2 outputs in its stock configuration, allowing you to easily control and sync two effects at the same time. You can also have it configured to have up to 4 outputs at no extra charge from DMB. It has a solid metal housing with a sort of sparkle/glitter finish over green paint. The switch is silent, so no loud clicks as your tapping away... This is a pretty simple pedal and really only acts as a switch, but it is solid and affordable. I use it to control the tap function on a Giga-Delay and have had absolutely no issues with it since purchasing 6 months ago.

What lead me to purchasing the “Tap That” was that I had originally purchased a Voodoo Switches tapping switch. The Voodoo switch took 4.5 months to arrive and that was after harassing them with email and phone calls that mostly went unanswered for a couple months. When it did finally arrive, guess what, it didn't work. Plus, I had already given up on Voodoo and ordered the DMB and been using it for several weeks.

The DMB "Tap That" will run you about $40 (although mine cost me $70 if you roll in the $30 loss on the late/broken Voodoo switch, yes I'm a little bitter about the whole Voodoo thing). I purchased mine through, which is an excellent shop for all kinds of high end and boutique guitar gear.

Review By: Mark T of Captain Chet Lawson and Go-Local Music

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