The Calerpittars- Review

The Calerpittars-Review

Do you like Glee or American Idol? I don’t. Lots of people LOVE these T.V. shows. I mean, the music is nice, polished and the people can sing but... it doesn’t move me. It is like the difference between walking into a hospital room that is sterile or a home that belongs to a hoarder. The hoarder’s house is more interesting to look at for me. I watch that stupid T.V. show hoarder’s, sure judge me. You can find lots of fun crap all around a hoarder’s house and it doesn’t get boring. A hospital room has a picture of a boat on the wall. That’s it. Pretty boring. I hate Glee, I hate hospital rooms and I hate pictures of Boats.... The Calerpittars are like a hospital room.

Wait, so does this mean I hate The Calerpittars? No!!! (My Spell-check and Google “auto fill” do not care for the name though). The Calerpittars present a hospital room on crack. They give us Glee on the decks of Shark Wars. Their picture on the wall of the boat was done by Jackson Pollock, not Bob Ross. The band presents a finely polished “Happy little cloud” of sound, much like Glee or American Idol but toss in a hoarder’s grit and grime. As I listen I am constantly waiting to see if a roach is going to run out from under the notes or if I will be surprised with a moldy cotton ball.

I love the T.V. show Hoarders. I have to remember to set my DVR to record the show this Friday night; because I will be at the Barley House catching ‘The Calerpittars’ live. I hope when I walk in I find the floors covered and piled up to the ceilings with crap.

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