The Hornitz- 5 Questions

The Hornitz- 5 Questions

I was sitting there minding my own business, eating my dollar menu hamburger from Wendy’s when these two guys came up to me and demanded that I ask them questions. My first question was; who the heck are you? ‘Friendship & Stoo from The Hornitz’ they replied in almost perfect unison that they MUST have spent hours rehearsing this response. I freaked- I love this band. I have seen them a number of times in Concord and their funk duo is spectacular. I quickly thought up 5 questions to ask them and fired away.

You are playing a show Nectar's in Burlington, vt on sat Feb 15th with The Phreaks. Do you think they are better at coloring with crayons or are you better?

The Hornitz- If we were not very heterosexual from birth, we would probably consider making sweet sex with the Phreaks...but we were, and so they are delightful friends whom we cherish. Having said that, we will tackle this pressing crayon issue. If we're just coloring on blank paper, we would back the Hornitz all day, but if we're talking about a coloring book scenario, my money would be on the Phreaks for ultimate victory...they're a tribute band...a great one, but...most tribute guys are naturals on coloring books, and paint by numbers! Game over!

What is one of your favorite places to play?

The Hornitz- We have several tied for "one of"...Atlantic Canada is high up there, too, but in terms of crowd density(thickness), enthusiasm, and rowdiness, Penuche's in Concord, Nh really makes our brains broil, and our angles dangle...if you know what we mean...cuz we don't. (Ed Note: I think they mean the Penuche’s crowd is a bunch of fat-happy-drunkards)

You have worked with the band Guster- are they a bunch of jerks or friendly guys who like cats?

The Hornitz- We think of the entire Guster team as friends. The band itself is full of sweet gentlemen who respect everyone's right to have, and share interior space with, pets if all shapes and sizes...there may be some allergies to the olde Felis Silvestris Catus...don't judge them, their biology is strong!

You are a duo that each plays various things on stage. You both list "little boxes" as an instrument. Have you ever thought of playing BIG boxes? If not, why not?

The Hornitz- We would love bigger boxes, but then we would need bigger hands, and, therefore, bigger baseball mits, and that's some murky territory...we don't need Johnny Bench jokes...there's already enough to make fun of around here.

How did you get your start in music?

The Hornitz- Well...friendship got into music, because he sucked at sports. Stoo got into music because, even though he was good at sports, he would constantly find himself on stage, and eventually figured, why fight it!?

Before I let you go guys- One of my friends, Magen, is in love with your band. Could you please say one thing directed at her and her alone. It would make her day (please, everyone else stop reading now unless you are Magen).

The Hornitz-We are super glad that people like Magen exist. First-of-ly because we like it when ladies dance...cuz they're pretty. Second-wise, the letter "e" gets too much play in lady-names..."ElizabEth", "Edna", "FlorEncE"...power to the "a"! Tertiarily, because without Magen, and other like minded humans, our gigs would be massive downers!

What questions would you have asked? Comment below and maybe The Hornitz will answer you- or maybe ignore you- but you will never know unless you try!

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