The Strips- Review

The Strips are a rock band from Eau Claire, WI. These guys have me baffled. I think they are the least talented band I have ever heard. Beats are dropped, notes are mishit, vocals are ruff, sometimes the drums sound like a Casio keyboard. the lead guitar is a... is a.. I don't what the freckles it is.

I have a problem though. I love it. After another listen, something comes to light. These guys are massively talented. I was wrong. I am impressed. They take such a masterful approach to minimalism that it get expanded to complex and investing. They planned it this way. Think Lou Reed, (thank Lou Reed).

No missed beats, no misquote noted guitar, smoke filled vocals with fear. They care about the art. The Strips; they give a shit about music. They are not just pretending. Don't beleive me? Listen to their song Ella.

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